Thursday, September 11, 2014

When Mommies and Daddies Love Each Other...

Last weekend Grant and I climbed on our bikes and rode down the street away from our house and children, and towards 36 hours of a getaway. My parents had arrived approximately 7 minutes earlier, and we were anxious to let them begin enjoying their grandchildren without us in the way. We hadn't had a night away in a while, Grant managed to land a Priceline deal for a swanky downtown hotel, and my parents happened to be free for the weekend. The planets aligned and we began anticipating our trip. The pictography that follows is (I believe) in chronological order and definitely only the moments that I wanted to pull out my phone and take a photo. The two hour PhotoHunt battle on the second floor of the most yinzer bar I have been in, lives on only in our mind and in the memory of the bearded bartender with the great tattoos who refused to make me a Moscow mule that wasn't made with fresh mint. Mutual respect.
Valet bike parking at the Renaissance

Amazing tacos at Seviche
Lazy morning coffee at 21st Century

Americano with cream

Canoodling Bikes in the Strip

Pickled Vegetables

Rum Punch and Mint Julep

Whiskey loving hipster

My Christmas List

Fellow Buccos Fans

Raise the Jolly Roger!

View of our hotel from across the river
Clemente Bridge from the River Trail



  1. Amazing you guys managed to get away! Happy for you both. ;)

  2. Beautiful photos, Christy! I fall more in love with Pittsburgh every time I see pictures of that gorgeous city. I particularly love the Bucco's game shot! I would love a getaway weekend. Although, I can't complain... my mom takes Jo for a week at a time. So Stacy and I get plenty of kid free time. Maybe it's a Mommy getaway weekend that I want!