Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things that are making me Happy

Movie Trailers on Hulu. There is something fantastically entertaining yet luxuriously non committal about a 2 minute preview. There are some really good movies coming soon... and some you can tell right away just showed you the montage of all the best parts. Save your time, the best line in the movie Are You Here is Owen Wilson's bit about friendship. ("Nobody believes in friendship. People talk about it, but that's the thing about friendship. It's a lot rarer than love, because there's nothing in it for anybody.") The line that made me want to watch the movie in the first place and then regret it soon after it started. Rotten Tomato gave it one tomato, just to validate my feelings. Other films I am looking forward to: The Theory of Everything (about Stephen Hawking's life and relationship with his wife that began before he developed motor neuron disease), This is Where I Leave You (film about a Jewish family sitting Shiva after the death of their father) and The Skeleton Twins (Will Forte and Kirsten Wiig as adult twins who haven't spoken in 10 years).

Grass Fed Yogurt. It is my delicious new food obsession. The flavor changes slightly depending on the season and where the cow was allowed to graze, which I find exciting and earthy. The farm we get ours from delivers once a week and I really look forward to Tuesdays. (did anyone else get the reminder that the world was running low on descriptors of urban foodies and thus needed grass fed yogurt to beef up the definition?) I also love when Pursy asks for her morning yogurt in a wine glass, which she calls "eating it fancy".

My Elliptical. Gym membership was costing us $50/month and my attendance was getting spotty due to involved morning routines for two babes we are trying to teach to start every day with making their beds and getting dressed. Is not at easy as it sounds. So I was scouting exercise equipment, and the machine I chose for its simplicity and compactness was $600. I was waiting patiently (or was forbidden to raid our savings account by my fascist spouse) and last week got an email from a neighbor who was selling hers. The exact model. Almost new. $200. I flashed my baby blue/greens and convinced Grant it was fiscally savvy and promised I would use it. I now greet the sunrise on the third floor with reruns of Top Chef on my tablet and my new toy humming my stride.

Knox Singing Emmylou Harris. At Target. Top of his lungs. From the front of the cart. An older gentleman came around the corner looking very perplexed and said "was your son just singing If I Needed You"? Oh, yes. That's my kid.

Book Club. Ten of us get together to discuss the selection of the month. It is high up there on the list of most narcissistic thing I have ever done, choosing women I liked immensely and had a suspicion wouldn't choose lousy books. We come from all different experiences with literature and I love the unabashed opinions of my girls. In order to be one of my favorite things that doesn't involve my favorite people (Grant, Pursy and Knox) you know it must be good. And my Book Club is.

Bike Riding around the City. Grant and I took a night away last weekend and biked from our East End neighborhood into downtown and back again, with rides to the North Side, the Strip District, and Lawrenceville. No paying for parking, no traffic, seeing shops and restaurants I would have driven right by in the car (on our bikes we could just pull over and check them out), and the added benefit of feeling like it was always right to eat or drink something. I have started biking to the hospital on my work days, riding to the neighborhood pub to meet friends in the evening, and making more conscious decisions about where to go and when. It feels good.

Brown Liquor. I love when the weather turns cooler, which means gin turns to bourbon. I invented a bourbon cocktail with peach juice and mint, which looks quite inviting on the rocks in a mason jar.

Knox's Construction Vehicles Puzzle. I found a 12 piece wooden Melissa and Doug puzzle at a consignment shop a few weeks ago, and Knox finally mastered it. He needed less and less help until just a few days ago- he put the whole thing together "all by myself!!!" He still calls us to come see every time he puts it together... he stands beside his completed puzzle with his hand outstretched, daring us not to be impressed.

What is making you happy this fall?

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