Sunday, May 11, 2014

Best, Better, Good.. in that order

Happy Mother's Day.

All I requested this year for mother's day was coffee in bed. Coffee in bed is the ultimate luxury, I feel...doing something that usually marks the beginning of activity and whirlwind days, grinding fresh beans while the babes clamor for breakfast, sipping caffeine laden liquid that helps my eyes open, letting the perfect synergy of cream and sugar and coffee blossom in my mug...

Its poetry to me.

And drinking coffee in bed is like the satisfaction of duty and the beauty of luxury holding hands. I am slowly waking up while the sheets are still tangled around my legs. Grant and the babes delivered my coffee and a gorgeous bonus present from my favorite shop, The Shop, then left me to enjoy the birds outside my window.

I wish I had a photo of Knox proudly walking into the room in his diaper and pajama shirt, belly first and travel coffee mug held so carefully between his dimply toddler paws. Pursy as a blurry flash of pink and curls leaping onto the bed with a brown bag and shouts of Can I Help Open It? I Picked It Out!

And I am enjoying my coffee in bed, but the best part was the crazy parade that brought it in. My children. My husband. My hearts.

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  1. So sweet - happy Mother's Day, good mama! I love "belly first" - such a toddlerism indeed. I'm thankful for your contended and joyful perspective.