Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunshine by Modcloth

I have yet to speak with one parent of small children who is enjoying the slow languish of winter. The holidays are long over, the excitement of new hats and gloves has worn off, and the cruel joke of freezing temperatures without snow is getting harder to chuckle at.

It is March. Halfway through, at that. Where are all the benefits of global warming?? Let's have some early spring before the majority of my social circle does a run on the bank for prescriptions of Prozac.

The worst for me are the cold days after the teaser days of mild temperatures. On Monday the babes and I spent hours at the park. Tuesday while I was at work our sweet babysitter had the babes on blankets in the backyard reading books. Wednesday was 15 degrees. Yesterday was cold but sunny and I was determined to turn the course of our ship to better waters.

We were out all morning running errands, going to Bible study, lunch out at Qdoba (decent food with paper napkins) then at 5 we pick up Grant from work and head to the natural history museum for their extended evening hours. I made cornbread and handmade refried beans, and we ate in the cafĂ© before wandering upstairs to check out the dinosaurs.

Things are looking up.

2a and Pursy is standing at the side of our bed saying that her "bed is spinning". One hand on her head tells me that she has a fever. She crawls into bed with us and fitfully sleeps until 630. Breakfast this morning is juice and leftover cornbread, which Knox throws up all over himself.

Back to pajamas and multiple screenings of Dumbo on Amazon Prime. Sick babes are snuggly babes and I selfishly enjoy it. I call Grant to ask if he will swing by the store at lunchtime and pick up us more juice. I am still in my UC sweatshirt and Smartwools. No sense in getting dressed for a day of naps and couch cuddles.

To keep myself from getting completely depressed, I decide it is the day to use the store credit I have on Modcloth. My sweet friend Kirsten gave me a gift certificate a few weeks ago and I used it on a pair of shoes that I wasn't crazy about and returned. The balance was sitting in my account, so online shopping for something that wouldn't remind me that I have been hibernating for months and my Irish skin is almost translucent.

Shoes it is.

These sweet honeys are on their way to my house. Sunshine colored and a reminder that the day is coming that I will slip these on with a pair of ankle skinnies and the grey tank top I grabbed at the clothing exchange at Caryn's last month...


  1. I LOVE Modcloth. I also love this blog. It is so refreshing to read something that is so well written, and so frank in an age where politically correct has taken the place of honesty, and where text speak has become acceptable to the detriment of rich language and beautiful words.

    Miss you, Cousin.


    1. Jessica!! Thank you for taking the time to write this. It makes me so happy that you come visit me here...