Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Whole Crazy Parade

It didn't seem complete to post just photos of Grant and I.
Jacques was in house and more then ready for photos with diners at his restaurant, Jacque-Imo's

Courtyard at the Maple Leaf before a show by Johnny V

Waiting for a cab and doing shots with Mark and Kim

Standing in front of our first place at 2612 Constance St

Love these next few photos because 1. I took them and the lens makes me look like a great photographer 2. Caryn is in front of the camera instead of behind

Still newlyweds- three months since these crazy kids tied the knot

Los Carson

Coquettish on Canal Street

Wait for it...

Heeey Chris

St Peters Street waiting for a show at Preservation Hall.

Commanders Palace Restaurant

The Ladies at Parasol's

The Boys

The whole motley cru. And every one of them influenced our marriage at different seasons of life.

Anniversary Dinner at Dick and Jenny's

My Handsome Husband
Bec and Bill

Liz and Jonathan

Caryn and Chris


  1. Absolutely beautiful photographs! ALL of them! (Including the ones you took.) What lens were you using? Stacy bought be some for Christmas but I haven't had much chance to play around. I may have some of the ones you used. Looks fabulous. I hope I get to go to NOLA soon. The trip I was going to take in July with my bestie got postponed until an undetermined time...

    1. I know, I love the lens as well. Caryn is a professional photographer so it was some crazy low appature lens that cost more then I could justify for my photos of Knox eating grapes. ;)