Monday, January 13, 2014

10 Years Together

New Orleans. Five days in our favorite city with some of our besties celebrating our 10th Anniversary. We have been talking about this trip since our second year of marriage and I still can't believe it actually happened. We came back over a week ago and I can't seem to get back into the rhythm of real life. I feel like I am floating on a cloud. I find myself grabbing Grant's hand and feeling this overwhelming sense of gratefulness that our hard work and passionate friendship has created a marriage that is strong and exciting. It meets both of our needs- the core desires of our human hearts. Grant craves stability and I need change. Grant described it perfectly when he said that he feels like the course of our 10 years of marriage has been all over the place- things are constantly moving and shifting in our world. The only constant as life has evolved has been the two of us. Standing in the middle, holding hands.
Since we got back to Pennsylvania, I have been overwhelmed at the goodness of my life. My healthy marriage, my energetic children, my house, my friends, the pot of black bean soup on the I told my friend Margo today, the height and breadth of my thankfulness is getting a bit ridiculous. To which she responded, "those who get it will be happy for you and you don't need to worry about the ones who don't. But I get it, so there's that". Confidence has never been Margo's problem.
But I do feel completely bowled over by the good thing I have been given. The friends who drove and flew to New Orleans to celebrate with us, the grandparents who took such excellent care of Purslane and Knox so Grant and I could have time away, the memories of a young marriage filling an entire city everywhere we walked. I have been given so much to love.
God has been good to me.
We decided to take some photos on our 10th Anniversary in the famous Lafayette Cemetery. Courtesy of one of the most talented photographers I have ever had the privilege to preen in front of, who also happened to be a part of our weekend of besties, I give you the State of our Relationship.


  1. Beautiful. Fantastic pictures. Lovely couple. You both look better than ever. 10 years has been good to you. Love you! - Jules

    1. I love YOU! We missed y'all last weekend.

  2. I have not often looked at pictures and thought "a picture's worth a thousand words." But these are. Y'all are fucking beautiful. So happy for you two. I'd say "hope all is well," but it looks like it is!