Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometimes We Just Say Yes Please

This weekend was full and beautiful. We said yes to every party and every cookie and every glass of champagne. Starting on Thursday with cookie making (8 dozen) and ending last night with the New Girl Christmas episode, our little family celebrated in style.

In my attempt to balance being present with having photographic evidence, most of our outings I don't have pictures of but let me tell you that the train display at the Science Center was outrageous and Pursy looked fabulous in her purple boa and mustache glasses at the princess party on Sunday. The memory in my mind of our new friends Matt and Chrissie crooning and dominating the drum set at the coffee house style Christmas party last night will have to suffice. And unless you were there, the raw sexual manliness of my husband dressed up for an evening at The Carson's on Saturday is mine alone to remember and enjoy. I was pretty decent arm candy myself in a short red and black shift dress I found at a consignment shop last week...

There are more photos on my Instagram account at:

This morning I think we just need to recover from our weekend of frivolity... I just can't party like I used to. So for one more day, I let myself eat a cookie and too much coffee for breakfast. The babes watched Mickey's Christmas Carol (remember that one??) while I started in on the pile of laundry spilling out of the hamper. We have presents to wrap and more sea salt caramel sauce to make and the Indie Holiday Channel has been playing on Pandora non-stop. Although for some reason, no matter how many thumbs down I give it, I can't seem to convince Pandora that I don't like Baby, It's Cold Outside. How many musicians have covered this creeper song??

Today is jammies and coffee and Christmas music and present wrapping. But our weekend went something like this...

Catching Snowflakes
Our Front Door

Caaaandy Canes

We gave Pursy the "big girl job" of hanging all the candy canes after Knoxer was in bed. They all ended up about 2 inches from each other in one big candy cane montage, but she had a great time.

Rare appearance by me in a photo. This was Sunday afternoon right before a romp in the snow.

Making a snowball

Throwing the snowball at Daddy

Date Night
Snowy Morning

Recent Favorite Breakfast. Plain yogurt, blackberries, slivered almonds and honey.
Drum Circle. You unfortunately can't tell from the picture, but it is crazy loud in the house right now.
Urban kids need walking sticks
Bravely exploring the wild frontier.

Sea Salt Caramel Sauce.

Cookie Day 2013

Cookie Cutters

Organizing. Fitting that she is wearing an apron made by a professional organizer, my darling friend Margo.

Singing Jingle Bells while rolling out cookie dough with snow falling outside. Oh, hello, Mr Rockwall.

Found these cookie cutters at an antique shop in Bellefonte, PA. I used these same ones when I was growing up. I believe my Mom still has them but it was nice to find my own stash. I still love the Santa the best.

As promised by Smitten Kitchen, these sugared pretzel cookies taste just like the pretzel Danish butter cookies that come in the big tin. I always ate these shapes first because they were the best.

Ho Ho Ho!!

Pursy in her costume for the Princess Party. She was originally wearing the mustachioed glasses that Knox is wearing above and told me "I am going to be the princess AND the guy". For a Mama who leans more toward kid-appropriate rather then gender-appropriate ideals, this made my heart warm.

Pre-breakfast candy time. They run downstairs to open the small doors on the countdown to Christmas calendar first thing every morning and pull out the treat inside. Pursy calls this set up a "candy feast".

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