Friday, December 27, 2013

How Traditions are Made

Christmas Eve. The babes new painting easels are put together and Grant has written Merry Christmas on the chalkboard side in red and green chalk. The traditional sour cream coffee cake is in the oven on its hour long journey to becoming a delicious breakfast. Our cold and snowy drive home from visiting grandparents in Ohio is behind us, as is the Christmas Eve service that Purslane and Knox fidgeted their way through after being in the car for five hours. Santa's treat is on the coffee table: a glass of strawberry Kefir, two unwrapped dark chocolate Hershey kisses and some cheese and crackers, because "he might be hungry and tired of cookies, Mama". The Advent wreath has been lit with the final candle of waiting. Stockings are filled and the space under the tree is filled with presents. Coffee beans are ground and waiting to be deposited into the french press, in case the young people wake up before the old people have their wits about them, needing a direct route to caffeine.

Grant and I plop on the couch with glasses of champagne and decide to rent Before Midnight on Amazon Prime. I absolutely love this trilogy of films, starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, and have been trying to convince Grant that he needs to watch them. The opening credits begin and I am immediately acutely aware of my surroundings. Everything got done. Even a family who lives as open-handedly as we do (read, I am spontaneous and a poor planner, often relying on my wits and ability to multi task instead of just doing things ahead of time. The big problem is, I find the moments of running through Target on the way to church to grab things for Christmas breakfast charming and exciting, so have not refined my methods in 33 years. The other problem is, I usually manage to get everything done, so smugly refuse to see the need for change. I keep hoping one day Grant will find it endearing)

Christmas tree lights. Snow falling outside. Bubbly champagne. Sleeping babes. And the most familiar person in the world falling asleep on my lap. I am filled with satisfaction and contentment. This is Christmas Eve.

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  1. I am in love with the caricature that Megan had done for you and Grant. So in love that I contracted the artist to have one done of me and Barry (and Charlotte, or course). Your Christmas looked so fun and peaceful. Love you! - Jules