Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Babies and Corn Chowder with Dill Biscuits

What is more delicious- a one month old baby named Eleanor Gene or Cajun Corn Chowder??

Obviously the correct answer is the babe, and it is absolutely true. She is a gorgeous girl baby with alert deep brown eyes and a perfectly shaped mouth. Her parents are some of our dearest friends and my favorite sort of people- the ones who actually take me up on offers to come to OUR place for dinner so I can cook and do all the dishes while they relax. After Pursy was born a friend of mine always made that offer and I realized how luxurious it was to just show up and eat. People bringing us meals was fabulous as well, but not having a messy kitchen afterwards?? Amazeballs.

So last night they came over with new babe in tow and we feasted on these rustic drop biscuits (I added the last of my fresh dill from the garden to fancy them up- a great decision) a Cajun Corn Chowder from my new America's Test Kitchen cookbook (ask me for the recipe- you can't get it off line unless you buy a subscription to the website), green salad with pears and honey roasted pecans and any room we had left was devoted to gingerbread with pears.

When I realized I was out of my favorite Emeril's Cajun spice mix, I whipped up some of my own with paprika, onion powder, thyme, cayenne, cinnamon, red pepper flakes and oregano. I reserve the right on my own blog to give myself a huge pat on the back. The balance was perfect- the spice hit the front of your tongue and the heat warmed up your palate and throat.

Fabulous food, fabulous company, cute baby.

Huge sigh of contentment.

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