Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Between the Posts

Sometimes the space between blog posts means I don't want to share anything and sometimes it means I don't have anything to share. Usually when the former season is over, I write a long essay detailing the journey my heart has been on while I navigate the crazy parade of my life. The latter season usually ends with something beautiful or different or wonderful that broke up a series of boring days or weeks. Having the particular three and two year old that I do, we don't have many boring days at all. But then the excitement can sometimes be too much and I spend my spare quiet moments slamming down another cup of coffee or an episode of New Girl instead of sharing some tasty life nuggets with y'all.

In this case, the last few days are all going to be documented together as one big mess of a beautiful thing. Filled with mystical encounters that resulted in house guests, large rubber ducks, 12 hours with my Japanese dwelling older brother, Greek street food, and throwin' rocks in the river. Glorious doesn't even begin to describe it. Photos of our visit with the giant rubber duck floating in the Allegheny are on my Instagram feed at lenore27

Naked Painting. Our Mama would rather wash bellies then shirts.

Almost two year old painting.

3.5 year old painting.

Here is the beginning of how this family ended up at our house. Grant and I were on vacation in Asheville NC over two years ago, I was pregnant with Knox and Purslane was a tornado of a 16 month old. We walked into a church on Sunday after a tremendous fight and I sat in the back of the room crying and probably thinking a bit more about hating Grant then loving Jesus. As we hurried out of the service that morning, a guy ran after us and said something to the tune of "Hey, I have never seen y'all at church here before but you look like you are having a rough time. Are you alright?". We were in no position to deny it, so fessed up that we were struggling and he didn't have time to do much more then give us his phone number and some encouraging words. It was enough. He cared. Three years later we got a phone call that he and his family were coming to Pittsburgh for a wedding and needed a place to stay. The family of Christ is beautiful. And so is this family. Aaron, Grace, Woodrow and Gloria.

Grace and Gloria.

Our babes learning about Community and Lowly Worm

After the B Family left, we went up to the cabin. It was supposed to be four days...we left after 24 hours. A great decision, really. Our babes are just the right age to be killed by so many things, particularly camp fires, rivers, top bunks, sharp sticks, etc. Fortunately there are mud puddles and river banks and canoes and s'mores.

My second favorite guy and I walking down to the river.
Throwing Rocks

Getting hit in the head with rocks

Splashing in the River

Such a Kid

River Nymph

S'more assembly

Lighting our hundredth marshmallow on fire

Sweet Success

Of course we made s'mores before dinner

Hot Dogs!

Possibly an error on my FitnessPal app? Although maybe I am not eating enough calories...

"Don't worry son, Daddy will keep you safe."
This fantastic picture is the result of an amateur photographer accidently using a very slow shutter speed. I dissolve into giggles every time I look at this photo. On the right side of the picture is a serene, loving paternal moment. On the left, terrifying disaster.

Make your own fun, kids.

Early morning foggy wading.

Pursy's first canoe ride with Daddy.

A fleet of Amish canoers. Some of our friends will understand the irony.

Pursy swam all the way to the big rock. She was so proud.

Pursy waiting for Gramma and Uncle Daniel to come.

Introducing them to What Does the Fox Say? (Anna and Bede, I really want to thank you for this little gem)

One of my favorite pictures of our day with my brother. He was smushed into the back seat between the two car seats, bravely drinking hot coffee while dodging kicks to the face.

One round of Monster Game before bed.

Oh my heart.


  1. Love the fire picture and the last one with Daniel and Knox. Makes me happy.

  2. The fire picture killed me! And those photos of muddy Knox are so pro! Look at you go!