Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to Our Table

I grew this beauty. So proud of my little urban garden.

Breakfast sandwiches for dinner.

I mean, come oooooonnnnn.

The beginning of a Thai peanut sauce. And jokes about how nothing in my kitchen doesn't come from Trader Joe's.

Thai Peanut Noodles. I use capillini pasta noodles instead of rice noodles because I think they hold up better and absorb more of the sauce flavor. Better for leftovers as well. Recipe for the Thai peanut sauce comes from this place. I don't like tamarind in this recipe so played around and discovered I could substitute the tamarind paste and peanuts with unsalted PB. 1/2 cup maybe? I tend to eyeball... It does make the sauce a bit more thick, but add extra water just until it thins out to coat the noodles and all should be well.

Zucchini and scrambled eggs in the leftover grease from...


Breakfast of Champions. And no, I did not do anything involving bacon with the peaches. I thought about it, but didn't.

After a fantastic evening out with the girls (art fest, concert, drinks on the patio) and coming home to find the babysitter had already bathed the babes and had them in jammies (pure gold, that one) I put them easily to bed and started to poke around the kitchen for dinner. I desperately wanted to eat more of that jar of Tostitos salsa con queso (see previous food post about my love for this junk food) but nothing to put it on except a spoon. I am not a philistine, so resorted to googling "how to make homemade chips". It was amazingly easy. 7-8 minutes later I had these beauties ready to go. You should make these.

Handmade chips, fresh salsa and queso.

And the Champagne of Beers.

Black beans and rice. And more handmade chips since Grant did not get to experience them the first time.

Nothing is more friendly to me then a big pot of things all mashed together.

Purslane has been on a huge pancake binge. These are from another favorite food blog called A Tasty Kitchen, and she just came out with a cookbook all about pancakes- sweet and savory. On my Amazon list, for sure. (hi Grant!) These are called Peaches 'n Cream pancakes and combine some of my favorite ingredients in baked goods- sour cream and fresh fruit. I just feel like you can't go wrong to add yummy fats like buttermilk, sour cream and olive oil right in to the batter.

I had put Knox's plate on the table runner and walked away for a second. He got hungry.

Pork chop with an herb crust. Served over brown rosemary rice, gravy made from the bits on the bottom of the pan and vegetable stock. Burned Brussels sprouts, steamed carrots with cinnamon and butter.

Dinner Party with our dear friends Lydia and Henry. Huge bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Good friends and the simplest foods make for the perfect evening. The meatballs are actually turkey and made in a way I had never heard- soaking torn pieces of bread in milk and adding it to the meat in place of dry bread crumbs. Then tons of herbs, egg and garlic. I was hesitant but hate a dry meatball. The result was fantastic- really flavorful and (I hate this word but there isn't really a substitute)...moist.

Lyd and Henry also travel with this guy. Oh, I just love him.

My absolute favoriteist Australians.

The beginnings of a risotto. Ultimate comfort food.

Peas, mushrooms, parmesan. No recipe just whatever feels right.
This man enjoys food so much. It is totally genetic.

Fall is here!!

This blender... we bought it not long after we got married with the thought that when we had more money and could buy a decent one it would be on its death bed. That was almost 10 years ago. Today the beast is blending mixed berries, yogurt, honey and kale. Pursy thought it was so funny that I sent her out to the garden to pick kale for breakfast.

Felt like a bystander of an infomercial waiting for the reaction to the kale smoothie...

Can I get a thumbs up??

Sometimes all it takes to make me happy is a $3 spatula. I love the Threshhold line at Target. So simple and pretty.


Another pancake morning. Zucchini Bread Pancakes from Smitten Kitchen, add blueberries.

Pretty Pancakes. Happy Monday everyone!

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