Monday, September 23, 2013

The Man in Our Life

I didn't marry Grant thinking about what kind of a Dad he was going to be. I lucked out in ways most women only dream about. I recognize my bias because he happens to be my best friend, but I cannot imagine a better Father for my children. He has had a rough go the past 4 years- Dads often get the short end of stick when babes are little. Grant watched me carry the babes, deliver the babes, nurse the babes, stay home with the babes- and even as involved as he was and as often as he held his arms out for them, they always wanted me first.
I have bribed them into giving him a hug before he left for work. I have pried little fingers off my arm while he tried to take them from me for some quality time. I have tried to ignore cries for "Mommy!" knowing that he was more then capable of meeting their needs, they just didn't know it yet.
Then this happens. In one day, both Purslane and Knox discovered what a guy their Dad is. And they just want him. My heart is all over these pictures as I tried to capture what his patient and loyal love finally earned him. The affection of his children.
They chose him. And I applaud their choice. Ten years ago, I did too.
I heard her wake up crying and waited for her to come find me in bed. Grant was downstairs working late. I found this on the couch.

Grant just left for work.
Not okay with Dada leaving for work.


  1. Those pictures of Knox just kill me! Did you hug him after that? :) - Jules

  2. Seriously Christy!??! I can't help but get a little chocked up with most of your posts! They are so beautiful and so full of love and funny as all get out. But, reading your post and looking at these pictures, I actually cried. Thank you for reminding Daddies that they are always loved. Sometimes it takes a little bit for our babes to realize that they are awesome too. Love you girlie!!

    1. We have come a long way since omelets and wine on the living room floor! Miss working with you, sweet K.