Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to Our Table

I am a foodie. A curious, dedicated, obsessive, want to talk about it all the time foodie.

We have a wedding coming up in September in which both Grant and I are in the wedding party. I love love the bridesmaid dresses (yay Caryn) and feel great in it now (also have a pretty sure thing in nailing one of the groomsmen that night..) but would love to tone up my arms and lose about 5 pounds before the wedding. Just to feel extra great. I suggested to Grant that we try a juice fast for two weeks, or kick up my workouts to five days a week for the next month. He noted that in order to do that, I would need to get up at 5am every day so that I could get to the gym and back before he needed to leave for work. I thought about gym vs. juice for about 3 seconds before saying "I think I could get up at 5am".

I am a foodie.

This week we ate eggs. Lots of eggs. There is something so rustic and beautiful about a pile of eggs with cheese and herbs, and both my babes love them. They do take a delicate hand though- one too many turns with the spatula and you have a pile of rubbery yellow funk. We also tried new recipes, had a fabulous dinner party with new and old friends and ate straight from the garden. I also realized while uploading this week's pictures that quite a few meals did not get photographed. Like the handmade pizza Grant made the night I worked (surprisingly, he doesn't think to grab the camera before he eats), the Thai peanut noodle dish I made after three hours of sand volleyball on Sunday evening (the picture would have been way better then the meal itself- sauce was watery and I should have known not to expect great things when the recipe called for ground ginger instead of fresh), or the parmesan chicken breasts with steamed broccoli (again, not a winner but put enough cheese on something and it's never AWFUL...)

Maybe I subconsciously only take pictures of the meals that we liked. Like the charred corn crepes with goat cheese that we had Wednesday evening... oh, yeah.

Unfortunately the dinner party meal, which was delicious and perfect for a table full of hungry foodies, I also forgot to take any pictures of. It was a crock pot coq au vin that was so easy to prepare- all I had to do right before dinner was steam some carrots and toss with vanilla, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon, burn some kale with olive oil and sea salt, make rice in the rice cooker, and have a glass of wine with my guests. Perfect meal for a busy Mama still looking to entertain while two hungry baby birds hang off my legs asking for apple sticks and "corn!" (TJ's Beurre Meuniere popcorn).

I will share the recipe because it was THAT GOOD. Slow Cooker Coq au Vin from the Wheat Belly cookbook, page 178. And for those of you turning up your nose at my dabbling with gluten free foods, really this recipe had nothing to do with eliminating gluten except I used 2 Tbs GF flour. Then I served over jasmine rice.

Here is our eating week!

My Favorite Summer Drink

Sous Chef

The start of a perfect omelet

I hate to brag again, but I make flawless omelets. Thank you, Dad.

Pursy chose the garnish.

Passing along the wisdom of chopstick as coffee stir stick to the next generation

Pursy gets tired of me taking pictures before she can eat

Pursy and Mama breakfast while Knox sleeps in

Please ignore the no make-up morning face and messy top knot and notice my gorgeous daughter and new glasses. Aren't they fabulous? Modo frames. Totally love them.

Farmer's Market Sweet Corn, ready for charring
Charred Corn Crepes (Smitten Kitchen) I can also turn out a pretty decent crepe, thanks to a Grandmother who got up at the crack of dawn to make sure we went off to school with a hot breakfast.

She suggests stacking the crepes in a sort of "crepe pie" with layers of chive and goat cheese inbetween.

End result. A little dry and not much textural intrigue, but we served with a spinach salad and together the flavors were outrageous.

Baby spinach with fresh tomatoes, leftover sweet corn, goat cheese and vinaigrette dressing. The crunch and acidity went perfectly with the crepes. An impressive (but definitely not time saavy) meal. From charring of the corn to making of the crepes to dressing of the salad, dinner took about an hour. A fun hour, but still an hour.)

Garden Booty

Not a food picture, but I caught Knox being all pensive and pose-y.

More eggs. Scrambled with gouda.

Oh, that face.

I love eggs!!


  1. Can I come to a food class? Or at least an omelette class? I will provide fresh coffee beans? I don't have to work til 1130 some days... :)

    1. Yes, come for breakfast! I will share the secrets of omelet making and Nick can write me a thank you note.