Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome to Our Table

Here it is, my first food blog. I learned a few things.

1. The appeal of food is increased dramatically by the smell, feel and taste. Photos alone do not necessarily make a dish look scrumptious...

2. I need a food photographer.

3. The recipes from Cook's Country can be accessed with a free 14 day trial. I would recommend paying for the subscription. Recipes from America's Test Kitchen which is my new obsession.

I did not make these, technically. But I couldn't resist putting the best photo first.

Summer for us is lots of al fresco dining after playing in the sprinkler. This dinner is pork tenderloin, marinated in lemon pepper rub and olive oil, tomatoes from our garden, corn and green beans from the farmer's market.

Nothing like a half naked man to make a simple meal more appetizing.

Green peppers after an afternoon rain.

This is technically a food picture. That gorgeous belly is full of Kalua pork, Asian slaw, cilantro rice and fresh blueberries. Oh, and a baby. I had to take a picture of the food inside her belly because I forgot to snap a photo before we ate. (recipe for pork at Cook's Country)

Appetizer of herb-infused olive oil and farmer's market sourdough ciabatta loaf.

Fresh Corn Salad with tomatoes, arugula and goat cheese. Definitely my favorite recipe of the summer thus far. Recipe for corn salad here and do not skip the step of pulling moisture out of the tomatoes. Soupy mess with all the flavor in it falls through the slotted spoon if you don't

Three year old ketchup/mustard art. Kinda pretty.

Handmade guacamole with flaxseed veggie chips from Trader Joes. My guacamole is simple, just smash the avocado with large grain sea salt, white onion diced super tiny and splash of fresh lemon juice.

Arugula Bacon Salad. Delicious. Grant's only comment: "needs more bacon". I agreed. Recipe at my favorite food blog Smitten Kitchen grilled bacon salad with arugula and balsamic

Bacon close up

Fresh Sweet Corn. All by itself.

Cooking lessons from my neighbor Kelly. She came over to teach Jen (right) and I how to make fried chicken.

Jen and I tried to make this picture look like anything other than brown floating in brown. Kelly's fried chicken recipe: wash and pat dry chicken (breasts, legs and thighs), dredge in seasoned flour (she prefers salt, lots of it, for seasoning) then drop into pan half full of hot canola oil and "let it go". I don't think I will make fried chicken again for a very long time, but it was delicious.

Despite the terrible photo, the meal was yummy. Fried chicken, fresh sweet corn, biscuits with blackberry jam and local tomatoes with salt and pepper.

Knox sharing his juicewater.

Locally made sausage, tomatoes and green beans. We have tomatoes for almost every meal in the summer.

Sweet Italian sausage with mustard on whole wheat bun.


My typical lunch.

Pursy hit the garden jackpot. Also, she did not share. Grant must have taught her that...

My first attempt at gluten free baking. We are not going gluten free, but have been experimenting with other types of flours and cutting back on our gluten consumption. This is Almond Lemon Honey Loaf from a yummy gluten free blog called Apothecarista. I would actually make lots of things on her blog.

She warned me it might fall in the middle. It did.

Knox and Pursy approved of gluten free bread. They called this "bread with frosting". (i.e. cream cheese)

Knoxer Man

Sweet P


  1. I think you would love the book "Bread and Wine" by Shauna Niequist. It's about cooking, entertaining, and the richness of sharing lives together, especially around the table. And it includes some amazing recipes.

  2. I'm in my fourth month of pregnancy, still with major food aversions - 1/2 of this made my mouth water but I had to skip past the sausage quite quickly! hey, I know it's silly, but I nominated you for a blog award on my blog - no pressure to play along but if you find yourself needing blog fodder it's there. Great first food blog!