Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Road to Hana

Finally the good stuff. Jet lag is wearing off...Knox and Pursy are discovering birds on the back porch, a pool with a shallow end, ice cream every evening and lots of cousin love time.
On Tuesday we took the infamous Hana Highway, which both lived up to and exceeded its reputation. The 68 mile stretch contains 46 one lane bridges, 620 curves and runs through stunningly beautiful rainforest. We were in a 12 passenger van with a 20 month old eating machine, recently potty trained 3 year old, energetic 7 year old and bored 9 year old. And 6 adults who are all interested in doing/seeing different things. It was fabulous. Not simple or without tears, but the stuff that movies about family vacations are made of.

Pursy and Ba have a 5a breakfast. Notice the absence of daylight.
I have just returned from a morning run. Almost 6a...

This is where Grant wanted to spend his week.

The Pool

The Beach

Serious coloring face.

This is Knox in the morning. Takes after his Mama.

Aaand here's Pursy in the morning. Daddy's girl...

The babes take in a rainbow over the ocean.

Pursy and Knox kept feeding the birds. It was like a bird sanctuary on our porch by the last day of vacation.

Pursy helps Daddy with his back exercises.

Breakfast al fresco before hitting the road. In about 45 minutes I will be regretting every bite.

Always a little bit of flair.

Knox feeding himself and wiping the extra syrup on Aunt LeeAnn's shirt.

Pursy ignoring my encouragement to use the Portapotty before we get on the Hana Highway where there are no toilets for 68 miles.

Martsolf Ladies
Our first stop on the Hana Highway. Grant almost jumps out the window as we drive by.

Ribs and Fruit

Pork BBQ sandwich with mangoes over rice

Hungry travelers share the BBQ goodness.

Street Food. Or Side of the Road Food. Literally.

So proud of my adventurous eating babes.

Bird Sanctuary. Ducks a little close for comfort.

Pursy keeps talking about the "ducks with the red heads".

Lots of flora pictures ahead... the plants and flowers were just stunning.

So were the birds

Brady and Aly (my nephew and niece) making friends with the peacock.

Pursy is the only one that knows we are posing in front of a muddy puddle. Lame.

Martsolf Boys.

"Wookit this cool stick!"

One of many failed attempts at a selfie...

Small boy. Big tree.

Loved these rainbow eucalyptus trees.

Where there is beautiful nature you will find St Francis.

More little/big

My little blondie.

This looked like that lion flower from Alice in Wonderland

My urban daughter wearies of hiking and takes a break

Until she meets this beauty which she named "Zazu" (spelling?)

For some reason this sign made me laugh for a good minute. Snail on a leash...

Check out the curls on this beauty!

Pursy eats an entire bag of dried bananas. This will come back to haunt us later...

Four hours in the car and we hit the Halfway to Hana banana bread stand. We met a country singer from Ohio at the pool who said the bread from this place will "curl your toes". Grant accused him of having a stockpile of phrases like that on hand in order to write his songs. Hashtag Musicophile Husband

Black lava rock beach

Pursy was overwhelmed by the beauty

Knoxer man and Papa

A Boy and some Lava Rocks

Oh my heart.


  1. I love Hana. I don't like the road to get there. Glad you survived! - Jules