Monday, July 15, 2013


I have been waiting so long to start these blog posts!! Our trip was so fantastic, not restful, but fantastic. :) Am going to break up the photo journey into several posts so you don't forget halfway through whose pictures you are looking at and why you even care anymore about paper plates full of Hawaiian BBQ.
Day 1/2ish. We left PGH airport at 6am and arrived in Oahu at 7p, with a six hour time difference. You can see the evolution of extreme fatigue/rallying/excitement/delirium across our faces as day 1 and 2 of vacation blend together.
This is also motivating me to look harder at new blog templates. Blogger has been good to me, but posting pictures is cumbersome and there is no aesthetically pleasing way to post more than one or two photos. Please slog through babes are super cute on vacation.
We passed the three hour layover in Phoenix playing on the child play area near Gate B23.

Pursy met a new friend named Peter who was not as excited about jumping while holding hands as Pursy was.

Knox Man starting to realize that 5p Hawaii time feels different somehow

Being a Dad means sometimes your tattoos get bedazzeled

The sliding glass door that Pursy bounced off of while trying to run outside. Could be the exhaustion, could be that she can't read Japanese...or English. Or interpret signs.

And we are delirious on the shuttle van from the airport to our hotel.

Pursy's delirium is a bit more obvious.

First Hawaiian sunset from the balcony of our 22nd story hotel room on Oahu.

Porn Pillow decor

First meal in Hawaii. Ramen and potstickers from the Japanese place around the corner that only takes dollars or yen.

"Stop taking my picture and let me go to sleep"

First day in Hawaii begins at 4a.

"Are you sure it's morning? Well, just give me some juice and I will figure it out."

Disappointing first cup of coffee. Tastes like the Kona version of Maxwell House.

The sunrise is 180 degrees behind me.

The pool looks so tiny from 22 floors up. Feeling the urge to swan dive... Did I mention my husband has a severe fear of heights? Not the height so much as the edge. At the moment this picture is being taken, he has a death grip on the pocket of my pajama pants.

So he went back inside and I enjoyed my coffee and the sunrise alone.

Until these two cuties joined me.

Knox is super helpful with Daddy's back exercises.

Our first look at Maui.

Knox tops off the Aunt LeeAnn love pile.

We are in Hawaii!!!

"Hi Mama"

Where earth and sky meet.

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