Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What do They Say about June?

I was trying to think of some whimsical saying about the month of June and cannot think of any. It doesn't really matter, we have found June a beautiful canvas on which to finger paint so many wonderful things. New food creations in the kitchen, fabulous people, colorful birds, Father's Day celebrations and visits from Gramma.

Here is our June:

Father's Day with the best Daddy in the universe

First Annual Father Daughter Cootiepalooza

Cooties is serious business around here

Father's Day Gin Cocktail Hour

Some of our favorite peeps in Pittsburgh celebrating their Men

The Lovely Lydia and Beet eating Gabriel

Phil and Henry

Taking a break from beets and whole wheat pasta to eat a creamsicle

Being a Dad means wearing the tie you are given/made

Watching for Birds

We caught one!!

Mama, can I have ONE MORE blackberry?

Tom Selleck (a little low)

Pursy occupying herself by measuring out some parsley for dinner

One night for dinner I was just trying to make something quick without having to run to the grocery store. It was also 90 degrees and I didn't want to turn the oven on or stand over the grill outside. This orzo pasta with fresh peas, basil and parmesan sauce I am calling Summer Macaroni and Cheese. It is so light and fresh, made with supplies we had on hand and the babes gobbled it up. I would love to share the recipe but it was an Amelia Bedelia creation. A little of this and a little of that with no measuring cup in sight.
Basically I cooked the orzo and reserved a large ramekin of pasta water before I drained. I gave the peas a quick simmer in the reserved pasta water then added a good amount of freshly shredded parmesan cheese to the water and peas. Seasoned with salt and pepper then tossed the orzo back in the pot. Stirred everything together and added the fresh basil once the sauce had thickened and become just a little creamy. I added a few hits of red pepper flakes to my bowl for some heat.
Served with a German white wine for me and juicewater for the babes. Light and delicious and oh so pretty. Summer Macaroni and Cheese.

Kid Tested

Knox, do you like it?

Naked Abacus-ing

Eating Popsicles with Gramma

Happy June to All! Here's hoping July brings it's own beauty and new discoveries.

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