Friday, June 7, 2013

My "n" of 2

Being married to a man who does research for a living often means interactions like this one.

Me: So for the past two days I have not taken a shower until Knox and Pursy go down for their naps at noon. It has actually taken away my excuses for not cleaning because it doesn't matter if I break a sweat while cleaning the kitchen floor. Maybe if I don't shower every day I will clean more.

Grant: Well, you have two days of data collection for your theory, which gives you an "n" of two. That isn't even enough to make a causal inference. I wouldn't say with any high degree of certainty that your not taking a shower means the house will start being cleaned on a regular basis. (paraphrased but you get the unimpressed tone. There is also no font that conveys the beginnings of fear in his voice that I will come to the unscientific conclusion that I should stop taking showers except on special days, even for a good cause like cleaning the house)

Regardless of direct or even inferred causation, the reality is that for the past two days skipping my morning shower has had a huge impact on my productivity. For example, yesterday I did not take a morning shower. Here is what I did instead:

1. Changed the sheets on Knox's bed
2. Made blueberry pancakes for breakfast
3. Two loads of laundry
4. Cleaned the kitchen, including fridge, stove and dishwasher fronts
5. Played in the rain for an hour with the babes
6. Had a second cup of coffee while reading the first two segments of my new cookbook The Smitten Kitchen (if you think the hallmark of an excellent cookbook is pictures with every recipe and explanations for techniques- this should be your next purchase. I am totally in love with her colorful stories that accompany EVERY recipe and the way she crushes on her husband. Tots Adorbs.)
7. Made our bed and cleaned up the pile of my running clothes that was taking over a corner of our bedroom
8. Cleaned the baseboards in the upstairs hallway
9. Took the tall ladder down to the basement (since it was still stashed in our laundry room from my painting spree two weeks ago)
10. Washed the cloth diapers
11. Organized the toy box and the book box in the living room and moved everything that was overflowing the boxes upstairs
12. Planned the decorating scheme for an engagement party we are hosting tonight for our dear friends Chris and Caryn

Something about being in scrub pants and a tank top with no deodorant made me crazy productive yesterday. I know it shouldn't matter but somehow I feel like cleaning and organizing is a physical task that makes me sweat enough that it doesn't make sense to do when freshly washed. And my shower at noon felt well-deserved, almost luxurious. It was raining and the babes watched a movie in the morning, so I actually had two free hands to do all this with. That helps too. I have talked to so many other Moms who say that the first thing to let go of if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with how much close attention small babes need is the daily shower. I have been a Mom for over 3 years now and have always made it a priority to get a shower because I feel gross and behind all day if I don't. Grant has appreciated this small gesture, I know.

I don't know honey... if I can get this much done just without taking a shower, imagine what I could do if I slipped into a pair of Mom jeans and got a sweet Mom haircut.


  1. 'I'm not a woman anymore. I'm a mom."

    1. Never have the Jordache stone wash jeans looked so good.

  2. I love it! Barry would have said something similar, albeit without the research jargon, that would infer he ALWAYS prefers it when I shower. If you get mom jeans I may have to fly out for an intervention. :)