Monday, June 3, 2013


This week we are experimenting with all things homemade. I am trying to reduce the number of wrappers in our home, and there are lots. String cheese, cereal bars, popsicles... easy snack foods that we can grab on our way out the door or for a spontaneous picnic in the backyard come individually wrapped on purpose, right?

I would love to learn how to make cheese, but I think that food requires quite a bit of equipment and patience- neither of which I have. Plus the cheese at Trader Joe's is inexpensive and delicious. I am trying to move towards block cheese which is even cheaper and reduces waste a little- plus adds a few extra moments of thoughtfulness when it comes to snack food.

Cereal bars are a big one for our family- Grant grabs one on the way out the door for breakfast and the babes love the "A Strawberry Walked into a Bar" kind from TJ's. These have no preservatives, HFCS or other superfluous additives, but are pricey for what they are and still processed. So I found a recipe from Smitten Kitchen for thick, chewy bars that have a reasonable amount of sugar, butter and good stuff in them. I bypassed lots of recipes for homemade cereal bars where the first ingredients were flax seed, wheat germ, etc that probably made them incredibly healthy but not very delicious. And I don't really care that P and K eat sugar or butter in their food- just that they are eating real food. We don't live on chocolate cake, so I don't stress about it (too) much.

I also found this recipe for Creamsicles from one of my faves, A Beautiful Mess. Super easy to make and the babes loved them. Also completely delicious.


  1. I loved making homemade popsicles with my mom. Although, I'm pretty sure it was just frozen oj. Oh well, good memories. Have you ever made your own play dough? I loved that stuff! - Jules

  2. Yep. We would just put strawberry yogurt or apple juice in popsicles...