Friday, June 14, 2013

Caryn and Chris are Engaged!

Last weekend we hosted an engagement party for our friends Caryn and Chris who are going to be married this September. We met these two lovebirds not long after we moved to Pittsburgh and after watching them come and go a few times Grant (literally) clotheslined Chris and told them they were coming to dinner. We were instant friends and are so excited to stand up with them as they exchange their "I do's" in a few months!

I should mention that Caryn is a photographer and it is scary business taking pictures of a photographer... but here are some photos of their engagement party, which was super fun and attended by people just as fabulous as Chris and Caryn themselves.

Chris decided to cut his hair right before the party and surprise Caryn
Not sure if the surprise is going well...

Caryn telling me to mind my business
Chris retreats outside with a beer
Caryn adjusts to the new Chris and makes pasta salad

The Outdoor Table
The Indoor Table
The Party Gets Going

I Love this Girl

Honestly, how cute ARE these two??
Chris imitating the look on Caryn's face when she saw his haircut... far enough removed that
she is mildly amused or at least too much in love to care anymore

My Babes are no longer the Babies!

Caryn and Chris are Getting Married!

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