Monday, May 27, 2013

This Guy

I feel like I got pretty lucky in the husband department. Grant is a good friend, a fantastic partner and really, really loving. But I didn't know when I married him that he was going to be a marvelous Dad. He loves Purslane and Knox with a devotion that is often very inconvenient for him. His new job keeps him working most evenings, but with very few exceptions he can be found here for a few sweet minutes. He read Goodnight Moon to Pursy every night from the time she was a few weeks old. It is a book he remembers from his childhood, but he is determined not to make the Old Woman in the rocking chair as creepy as his Mom did. Not sure how my mother in law accomplished that, but both Grant and his sister LeeAnn have negative feelings about this book in regards to the hush-whispering lady rabbit. So funny. So far, no phobias but lots of  'Gain! 'Gain! from Knox-man. And Pursy enjoys "reading" Moon to her boys as well.

Yesterday after church I was desperate for a bike ride and run, so took off while the babes were napping and Grant was picking up the house. (I know, right? He is a really good friend) When I came home I found this on the couch. I have never been happier to find another woman in my husband's arms.


  1. That last sentence kind of implies that you have found another woman in your husband's arms before...

    1. His raw sexuality makes him pretty irresistible but I have never found another woman in his arms.