Thursday, May 23, 2013

It Can't Get Worse

Every time I think that humankind cannot sink any lower and treat each other with any less kindness, a soldier gets brutally hacked to death on a public street. And as I watch one of the attackers give a passionate cry for attention on a bystanders iPhone, cleaver still clutched in his bloody hands, I realize it just got worse.

I heard his rationale. Women in his country are being killed by white soldiers. He demands attention. He wants things to change. He is so desperate for the world to notice that he choose to take a life in order for us to turn our heads and look. It worked. We are looking.

And the one person with enough courage to make sure the victim count stayed at one, was a middle age woman whom CBS news made sure to identify as a Mother. This woman walked directly up to one of the men and asked him what she could do to make him put down his knife.

That woman is being lauded as a hero, and so she should be. She deserves that title and much more for her courage. And for restoring my faith in humankind just a little bit.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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