Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sometimes It's Just Quiet

You know the popular words of wisdom. If it is too quiet the kids are probably doing something that will take you a long time to clean up. I am in the office trying to answer some emails and do some household logistical stuff, and realized that the play room next door was quiet. Silent, even. I took a deep breath and peeked in the door. Knox and Pursy were both sitting in the Pack N Play that was still up after a weekend visit from my nephew, very seriously and very quietly stuffing plastic balls down the front of their shirts. Not a peep. Just a couple of fantastically imaginative babes with lumpy, oversized plastic ball pregnancy bumps.

Pursy has started contributing to family prayer time before meals and at bedtime. We use the Book of Common Prayer and she has been listening long enough to have memorized long liturgical collects. It brings amazing joy to my heart to hear her 3 year old voice saying "Give me the joy of Your saving help again and sustain me with you bountiful spirit". I wish there was a font for 3 year old inflection. Trying to type it out phonetically seems to not give the proper respect to her sincere prayers. My favorite organic prayer of hers goes something like this:

 "Oh gracious God, help us keep us safe. Thank you for Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Pursy and Knox. Thank you for the world and thank you for all the people in the world. Amen." "Mommy, can you pray for all the babies?"

We have several friends who are pregnant right now and she loves praying for each one individually. This kid is so fantastic.

Her three year old birthday party was this past weekend and I will be sure to write up the post soon, with all pictures. It was chaotic and messy and fabulous. It was an Olivia themed party and I have never used Pinterest but creeped around it for months looking for ideas. As I am not a crafty Mama, I use Pinterest to glean from the innate craftiness of others. I am also a big fan of paying people to make crafty things for me. I try and fess up when I can, but definitely took credit for this milk and cookies creation I found on someone else's craft blog. I executed her idea, after all...

My sweet and lovely friend Caryn Azure (of caryn azure photography) came over and took Pursy's three year old pictures in our backyard yesterday. I borrowed an idea from Dear Baby and we painted our toenails together, as I have been promising we would do when she turned 3. I truly cannot wait to see them... she is a brilliant photographer and my babes turn into little happy maniacs in front of her camera lens. She always captures organic joy on their faces.

Two weeks after shutting down my Facebook account and I find myself very content. The first week I missed it tremendously, which made me feel like I might have been more addicted then I realized. I also found myself in circles of people chatting about an article everyone had read (but me) or attending some event that everyone else knew about (but me). I felt weirdly disconnected. But I have been using that space for other things. I actually had to go buy a book of stamps this week because I used all mine up sending out cards and letters. Love that. I found a line of cards that I just can't get enough of, called the Frantic Meerkat, which has cards like this.

 I have been using Instagram for all those cute, random things Pursy and Knox do that I just HAVE to put into the universe so I am not the only audience. My account is lenore27 if you want to follow me. But there was also a huge drop in my blog readership since I stopped linking to FB and I am still trying to figure out what to do about that. I am not so proud as to think that people randomly wonder what I am up to and search for my blog. Maybe my Mama.. love you, Mom! :)

Grant's parents gave me a check for my birthday that I had every intention of squirreling away for a rainy day... and I went shoe shopping instead. I don't really buy shoes and from April-October wear the same pair of Chaco or Reef sandals that are as close to running around barefoot as I can get without the inconvenience of not being able to go into gas stations. But I have fallen in love with a blog called A Beautiful Mess which makes me so happy on days that the prettiest things I have around me are Pursy and Knox's faces. After seeing them on this blog, I went to ModCloth and bought these fantastic sandals (and a few other pairs) straightaway! Sometimes I just need to look at what other people are making or wearing or eating to remind me that I do still love peter pan collars and handmade rosemary gnocchi and beautiful pin curls. I just don't have time to incorporative them into my everyday life in this season. I did however watch a YouTube video about how to create a simple sock bun, and have been loving twisting my hair into a new style. You can check it out when Pursy's pictures are ready for public consumption!

I hope you are having a beautiful day.



  1. Hi friend,
    Just so you know I subscribe to your blog so no matter when you post I will always find it. I like to know what you crazy cats are up to. Can't wait to see Pursy's 3-year-old pictures! Love you! Jules

  2. When I was off of FB for lent I didn't deactivate my account, I just never logged in. I use networked blogs and auto imported all my posts. So I didn't have to ever log in but links to my blog feed would still pop up in people's feed :)

  3. I just randomly searched for your blog ... well, I just missed you, so I looked for it. I suppose that's not exactly RANDOM. I love you! I love your writing. I love hearing what's going on in your life. CK

  4. I too have your blog in my Google Reader (what will I do when that vanishes?) so generally I don't get your updates from Facebook. I love reading your blog! I so so so want to give up Facebook, Christy. I so so want to. I just hate it.
    ~ G
    P.S. -- Happy belated Pursy!!!! I remember your mama telling me she was pregnant with you in the pasta isle of Weis!