Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Inbetween Blog Posts

People told me this would happen when we had small babes. They said time would speed up and if I blinked I would miss precious time with my children. The ironic thing is, when Pursy and Knox were itty bitty, I WANTED time to speed up. I wanted the nights where I was woken up 4-5 times to feed someone or rock someone else to sleep to end. I wanted the quick trips to Target to take less than 2 hours, once the diaper bag was packed, stroller put in the car, both babes changed and fed and dressed and changed one more time because nothing makes you want to poop twice in 5 minutes like watching Mama chase your sister around the living room with a coat. I wanted to pay a babysitter less than $15 dollars/hour because she would be earning every penny and then some watching two babes under the age of 3. I wanted to have a conversation all at one time and not start in the kitchen, continue in the living room and then finish in separate rooms while I tried to keep a paper towel under Pursy's bowl of raspberry sherbet. I wanted the breastfeeding shirts that were all stretched out and worn thin to be put away for good. Not to mention the struggling and pulling and rearranging of the "covering blanket" that both my children hated having over them while nursing. I think at one point I jokingly asked Grant how he felt about the fact that all of our male friends had seen most of my breasts or at least a healthy dose of side boob. He didn't laugh.

I have admitted very publically and very unashamedly that the infant stage was not my favorite bit of having children. I love the small, snuggly, Johnson & Johnson parts, but maybe because my babies were only 18 months apart I struggled with finding enough peaceful moments to really cherish what was happening in our family life. Don't get me wrong- I have been very happy. But enjoying moments for me is usually very loud and there are dance moves involved. We are a Scotch Irish/German family which means we live and love BIG. And loud. And if we are sitting peacefully in one room together it is because one of us is asleep.

In the last year, a significant number of my friends of childbearing age had their first or started on their second. Today I spoke with a friend who has two babes just a little further apart than Pursy and Knox, and it was so good to have someone in the trenches with me. Someone who could listen to me talk about how much I missed my life before kids and not think I was a terrible person. And as we joked about drinking together over the phone (we live too far away to drink over the back fence) we agreed that having babes close together is hard. Very hard. Nothing makes you realize the depth of your selfish depravity like having two people whose needs always have to come before yours. Even if your need is to pee with the door closed.

And I realized that time really did fly by. I am no longer in the trenches with Purslane and Knox. Pursy is potty trained and Knox feeds himself. They both lay down in their beds and fall asleep, and sleep all night. I can take them both to the park and let them run around without me baby ducking one step behind. I can have a second cup of coffee in the morning while they watch a Yo Gabba Gabba episode or whip up something in the play kitchen. I can hand them books in their car seats and turn the radio to whatever I want.

And I know Mamas always say this, but I really think this stage might be my favorite. They both still need me quite a bit and like having me close by. But Pursy is fearless on the jungle gym and if I haven't seen her for a minute, I wait to hear a "Mama, look at me!!" and look up at the highest point and she will be perched proudly. Knox likes the bird seed box at the Children's Museum and can pick out his own shovel and bucket without my help. I heard Pursy talking to a kid at the Toy Lending Library and introduced herself with no prodding from me. They both sit still to read an entire book and Knox has started learning his animal sounds. They are cool, cool kids and I love watching them grow up. It is crazy fun.

Play Doh Gets a thumbs up

In the right hands, pomade has nothing on yogurt...

Check out that sweet face
Excavation requires the right tools
Natural dyed Easter eggs

Non crafty Mamas everywhere can rejoice over this success
Improper to eat lunch on Easter Eve without the proper headgear

Easter Basket- found

Santa cup is being replaced with Baby Chick cup

I hadn't seen Knox for a few minutes and after calling all over the house with no answer, decided to check the playroom. I found this.
The container is big enough to take off and on without difficulty. (read: he can breathe)

I Paint.

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