Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday Barbeque

One of my favorite things about Grant is his affinity for the extreme. He doesn't just have vague passing interests...he is either obsessed with something or doesn't care at all. If he mentions that he likes a new band or artist, I can count on every single one of their albums ending up in our iTunes or a new Spotify playlist highlighting an obscure release from the early 80's that only came out in Japan.

So when he mentioned a few years ago that he was going to "get in to" barbeque, I prepared myself. First there was the lingo. You do not "barbeque". You make barbeque. Barbeque is not a verb, it is a noun. Barbeque is a meat that has been smoked for several hours and rubbed or mopped with a blend of spices, vinegars, onions, etc. Second is the gear. We have a smoker box attached to our grill which allows Grant to create a blend of wood and charcoal and keep it at the perfect temperature to make brilliant barbeque. It's all in the wrist. Third, the age old question of barbeque sauce or not to barbeque sauce. I happen to love Sweet Baby Rays, and Grant allows this because it has been sanctioned by the barbeque guru he learned the craft from, our Tennessee friend Alex Watlington. And fourthly, there is the culture around barbeque that includes friends and family coming around out table to eat...a bunch of meat. Delicious meat. But in order to join in the meat fest (am going to workshop that term) they must bring side dishes. And there is nothing like side dishes for barbeque... macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, baked beans... and our friends deliver. Deliciously deliver.

This year for my birthday Grant made barbeque and invited all my friends. In between days of gray snowy Pittsburgh lingering winter, this day was low 60's and sunny. In case the weather wasn't beautiful I found a fabulous yellow lace shirt to brighten the mood- turns out it was just candy. It was perfect. See???

Knox givin' out a fist bump to Mr Jeff while Daddy makes barbeque

Party Friends

Jonny, Emily and Elliot. Love this family.

Me laughing at my friend Allie over the heads of our sweet babes who we are hoping will fall in love and get married so we can have the most awesome family reunions ever.

Menfolk. Seriously, how cute is my husband with his 40's hair and red hoodie?

Mollenkof boys.

Oh my heart. Look at that face.

Elliot and I discussing life while Emily looks super cute in an awesome hat.

Blurry picture of suger loaded Knox eating birthday cake.

This was our backyard two days earlier... gotta love Pittsburgh.

I love the snow!

Snow ice cream! Does anyone else know this is a thing?? Grant had never heard of it.

Grant's family was here for Easter weekend and while Grant made barbeque (sweet grill and smoker box on stage left) the 'rents had an egg hunt for the babes.

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