Monday, March 25, 2013

The Happiest Valley in the World

We took a long weekend in State College this week and spent hours and hours relaxing back into the community of friends we spent 5 years with before our move to Pittsburgh. These people are salt of the earth and some of the most loyal and loving individuals anyone could ever hope to meet over the course of a lifetime, let alone in one season of life. As we sat in various living rooms, kitchens, bars, restaurants and libraries over four days, I was reminded over and over again the importance of truly allowing yourself to connect with people. To be known. With all your wrinkles and flower headbands and histories and laughing through morning yoga. These people know us. And love us anyway. They knew us before babes when we could sit and talk for hours over bottles of wine and watch an entire movie without stopping to change a diaper or color a picture. Life is different for all of us now, but this weekend we were together and it was glorious. (Becki, Mark and Kim- we missed you)

Fog on my camera lens added a nice touch to this ladies coloring soiree.

Give me my spatula, woman!!

Knox and Preston.

The babes playing together. Amanda supervising (i.e. avoiding working on her dissertation)

Pursy decides to stop sharing altogether and just move things to another room.

The men sitting around congratulating one other on their glorious facial hair.

I absolutely love this woman.

Women pregnant with twins should not look this sassy. But Anna makes it look easy.

To climb these stairs, or not to climb these stairs... that is the question.

This is what a 3 year old does at 530a when not at home to be sent back to bed.
This is what Mama does at 530 when 3 year old cannot be sent back to bed.

Pursy and Bec make breakfast.

Cute observer.

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  1. I was sad not to see you this weekend (I was exhausted Friday and just didn't feel like being social). But I also felt like there was a core group of people you were there to see. And I thought, even though it's been a LONG TIME since we've seen each other, that you should just visit with those people. (I don't know how this is coming off to you, but it's not meant to come off in a snarky way... interwebs are weird.) And I thought, "I'll just hook up with her when I'm in Pittsburgh!" I'm there often enough that it's bound to happen sooner or later!
    ~ g
    P.S. - Thanks for the message. I'm hoping to get back to you soon. Right now I'm doing school work.