Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sick Days Aren't So Bad...

The last two nights we have had Purslane in bed with us for longer than usual. Normally she comes into our bed we think around 3 or 4 so we let her finish out the night with us. She can put herself to sleep in her own bed which we think is the most important skill for her to learn at this age, so we don't worry about it too much. It is pretty sweet to wake up with a two year old's breath in your face anyway...

But Tuesday and Wednesday night, we heard her footsteps coming down the hall before 11p and we spent the next 4 hours taking her back to her bed, tucking her in, wiping her nose, finding her Pooh Bear, and just generally trying to convince her that night time is for sleeping. She was coughing and warmer then usual but not febrile so we had a little more tolerance but by 3am, Grant retreated to the guest room and the extra space in the bed kept Pursy from kicking me in any major organs.

After two nights of this, I declared today a sick day for all. I got up for my morning run but walked more than usual and added an extra scoop of coffee beans in my french press. I also decided to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast and linger a little longer around the breakfast table before getting everyone out of their pajamas. I have a bottle of gorgeous extra virgin olive oil that I use only in dishes where the flavor shines, and after looking in a few of my cookbooks for a good recipe and coming up empty, I did a quick Google search and found this:

Olive Oil Blueberry Pancakes


Um, yes please. I love love love this blog, called A Cozy Kitchen and this fantastic recipe can be found right here. Every creative recipe I have made from this blog has come out delicious. Most of the dishes she has created herself and there is usually a story behind it. Her food designing is also fantastic. She either has the best set of dishes I have ever seen or her friends let her peruse their cupboards to put together beautiful canvases for her yummy food.

It was a fantastic start to our sick day. It is also snowing outside, so we could call it a snow day. Or maybe I can just enjoy the fact that I have one more full year with both babes at home and we can choose to stay home and do nothing but be cozy and eat pancakes if we want to without having to call anyone and let them know.

I need a food designer to take pictures for me.

"Take a picture of my bite!"

Thumbs up, Mama.


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