Thursday, February 14, 2013

Morning Glory

The mornings after I work are usually Grant's to do the early morning things- get Knox out of his crib and change his diaper, pour Pursy her first cup of juicewater and help her on the potty. This morning I am so glad I pretended I was asleep when Pursy whispered in my face "Mommy I have to go potty. Could you help me go potty?" because I got to lay in bed and listen to this magnificent father/daughter conversation go down in the bathroom.

Grant: Pursy, Mama is still sleeping because she worked until late. Can Daddy help you?

Pursy: Sure!

Grant: Okay, let's go sit on the potty. Do you have to poop?

Pursy: Yes I do.

Grant: Good job. If you poop on the potty this morning you get to pick out your big girl undies.
Which ones do you want to pick?

Pursy: Oh, I love the rainbow ones. Do you know where they are?

Grant: I think they are in a laundry basket that I folded last night.

Pursy: Oh, that is great. Those undies are my FAVORITE.

Grant: I know.

Pursy: Can I brush your hair?

Grant: No.

Pursy: Oh, well, are you going to put gel in your hair?

Grant: Probably after my shower.

Pursy: Why after your shower?

Grant: Because I want to wash my hair first.

Pursy: Oh, that sounds great.

Grant: Thanks.

Pursy: Can I see your tattoos?

Grant: Sure. They are right here.

Pursy: Can you show them to me?

Grant: Sure. This is the Rose of No Mans Land. This is a bird with Pursy and Mommy's names on it, this is a boat for Knox and this is John Calvin. This one is a skeleton playing a guitar, that is a lady singing and the last one is a record player.

Pursy: I don't like that guy.

Grant: Which guy?

Pursy: That guy playing the guitar. He has a scary face.

Grant: You don't like his face?

Pursy: No, his mouth is too scary. I don't like him.

Grant: That's okay. You don't have to look at him. Did you poop?

Pursy: Weeellll. I did. But I don't like that scary guy. Can you wipe me?

Grant: Yep. There you go. Now go get your big girl undies.

Pursy: I like the rainbow ones. They're my FAVORITE.

Grant: I know sweetie. Go get them.

Pursy: I am going to wake up Mama and tell her I pooped and peed on the potty.

Grant: Don't wake her up Pursy. Mama is sleeping.


Good morning glory.

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