Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oui, Oui

I was having a facebook message exchange today with a dear friend of mine who reappeared in my life after over 10 years, thanks to... well, facebook.

This lovely woman introduced me to almond butter, used book stores and a fantastic little French bistro just on the west side of Columbus, whose name I can't even remember and I'm sure is no longer there. She is now married with two gorgeous babes and eating up life to the fullest. (literally, she is. Am pretty sure she is a vegan, which I experimented with in college and gave up after two weeks... I was SO hungry. I returned to my vegetarian ways, which included lots of peanut butter, soy hot dogs and Diet Coke. Oh, the irony..)

We have been talking for a few days now about books, how Mamas find time to read and whether it is okay to read on a Kindle and still call yourself a book purist. This sweet broad buys books she really loves in three forms- hardback to keep, paperback to give away and e-book to have in her purse whenever the mood strikes to read it. It is so crazy, and I love it.

So this blog post and glimpse into our life is for you, Kimberly. You are a beautiful woman.

Dinner tonite for Knox and Pursy was bread with butter, slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and apples. Looking at their plates with so much white food I felt a moment of guilt. But then I watched them eating such simple and delicious things with independence and happiness, and released myself of any shame that I wasn't introducing them to exotic and interesting foods tonight.

I named it our Parisian dinner, poured myself a glass of wine and joined them at the table.

Oui, I am a good Mama.


  1. You are an excellent mother, woman, wife, and friend...and I adore you!

  2. Sometimes I look at Grace's dinner plate and can't believe I ended up serving her all orange foods, or all brown foods, or some such but then I step back for a minute and appreciate that she is enjoying, say, sweet potatoes and cheese or roasted chicken and potatoes...sigh. This is where I've had to lower the bar and let go a bit!