Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mom Fail

On Christmas Eve, we took Pursy and Knox to Phipps Conservatory to see the train room, special holiday plant and light displays, and Santa. We spent most of our time reminding Pursy not to touch the plants, particularly the rare orchids, and chasing around Knox who decided the Conservatory was a great place to not be in the stroller.

Walking through one of the arboretums, we came across a table manned by an elderly volunteer and set up with a flat of parsley seedlings, soil and small trowel. Purslane very skillfully and very proudly potted her own plant and carried it around the rest of the time like she had just singlehandedly created life.

She made a plant.

She carried it through the double doors to the outdoor maze and gave Grant a suspicious up and down glare before entrusting him with her precious plant so she could go play. She seemed relieved when we headed back inside and her little treasure was safely back in her small hands.

Every day since then, the seedling has lived on our windowsill where it gets plenty of light and she can easily check on it. I gave her the responsibility of watering her plant, and get a kick out of watching her very seriously pouring her small cup of water on the seedling and then telling it to "have a drink!".

A few days ago, we had an unseasonably warm weekend. It was 60 degrees and we decided the plants needed to enjoy the sun as well. Pursy carried her seedling and I carried my indoor plants outside to the picnic table where they could carry out their biological created purpose of taking in carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen.

And then we went to bed.

Can you guess where this is going? My hardy tree/plant survived the overnight drop in temperature just fine. Purslane's little seedling looked like this.

To say I felt horrible is way understating the feeling I had. I  put the plant next to the stove while I was making my morning coffee so it could thaw gently. I whispered encouraging words to it, begging it to revive and not be the day I had to explain death to my 2 year old daughter. I did a Google search about extreme temperature survival for parsley seedlings.

Today, the plant is actually looking like it might survive. That small limb hanging over the front of the bowl is a gonner, but the other little branches are perking up. Come on, little plant.... you can do it. You can save me from a tough heart to heart with a sweet little girl who is pretty sure she made you herself.

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