Friday, January 25, 2013

I Know Who I Am and I Know What I Like

Today feels comfortable and right, like when you put on your favorite outfit and it immediately makes you feel _____ (whatever you most like to feel- sexy, interesting, strong, confident, stylish, equipped...). Everything going on today is exactly how I like it.

There is a pot of lentils and onions simmering on the stove, slowly and luxuriously turning into our next meal. I am drinking a cup of mid-morning coffee from my favorite mug. Snow has been quietly falling for the last two hours and the ground is covered in white happiness. I can't feel how cold it is until I open the door to put the recycling outside and then immediately run back in and put my feet in my slippers. Knox and Pursy are playing together in her toy kitchen, creating interesting fusion foods like watermelon, fish and egg soup. Charlotte Gainsbourg is on Spotify and I am enjoying her progression from 5:55 to Stage Whisper. My bangs are almost long enough to catch back in a low ponytail.

And in 7 hours, I am going on a date with a handsome bearded stranger. It has been so long since we went out on a Friday night, I think I might put on eyeliner and my knee high brown boots.



  1. I love your photo of the pot simmering on your stove.

    Wear the eyeliner and the boots, beautiful girl.

    Fridays are the best!

  2. Great description of a day when things are going swimmingly -I love you Christy and hope you had a fun date night!