Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Five Foods I Am Ashamed To Admit I Like

We just returned from our Holiday traveling and we always eat things on the road we would never eat under normal circumstances. Somehow the need to consume food quickly gives me license to ignore all I know and believe about nutrition and simple laws of healthy eating.

But it tastes so good.

Here is my first top five list of 2013. Foods I am ashamed to admit I like. The first three are fast food/traveling nuggets of goodness that make me want to cry when Pursy asks for a bite and I can't exactly say no to feeding her crap because, after all, I am eating it, right? The last two are random and I eat once in never. So I eat without guilt.

1. McDonalds Egg McMuffins, hold the Canadian bacon. How do they get those eggs in the perfect circle?? The commercials show the employee lovingly breaking each fresh egg one at a time...

2. Taco Bell bean burrito, add lettuce and tomato. One weekend when Grant and I were camping in Utah I ate four of these in one day. He still married me a few months later but to this day makes me order my own food because he gets embarrassed to ask for special requests at Taco Bell.

3. Sheetz turkey and provolone pretzel sandwich melt.

4. Baked Cool Ranch Doritos. The cosmic disaster of fake fat, fake cheese, and fake flavoring. To be paired with a Diet Coke just to ensure your complete fall off the foodie wagon.

5. And fifth, my final food confession. Cadbury Cream Eggs. Fortunately for me these delightful treats are seasonally limited or I might end every meal with them. What IS that bright orange yolk in the middle of the soft sugary cream? Who cares... It tastes like happiness. Grant has been known to bring one of these eggs home and call it a "present". Who needs Jared's? My man went to Sunoco.

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