Monday, January 14, 2013

Disappearing Beauty

 I don't want to write one more blog post about the tragedy of thin celebrities and what they are doing to our expectation and idea of beauty in our culture. But as I watched the Golden Globes last night, I felt like it kept hitting me in the face- these women are redefining beauty and taking away elements that our society has held as standards for such a long time. The breasts, the curvy hips, the beautiful glow. So many of the woman walking the red carpet last night looked exactly alike. Different dress and hair, same rail-thin arms, tiny breasts and impossibly small hips.

And I know some bodies are genetically small. I hesitate to categorize a thin body as one that should be critiqued more than a larger one. Every individual has the right to define beauty for themselves, but we as a society also affirm what we hold up as beauty by the accolades we give our public figures. Our celebrities, our sports figures, our musicians and artists. 

But I have a daughter now. And so I watch these parades of celebrities through different eyes. I look at the women who have been given the power to define beauty in our culture and wonder if they realize the message they are sending to daughters around the country.

I am up for the challenge of helping Purslane define beauty for herself. I am ready to talk about self confidence and individuality and when it is appropriate to just fit in and survive. But I do think it is unfortunate that our societal concept of beauty is the pictures of the women above, and we didn't do more to affirm how gorgeous they were when they looked like this:

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