Monday, December 10, 2012

The Advent of Advent

This is Ba.
This past Saturday we spent with a group of fabulous people. First thing in the morning, Pursy jumped into our bed, only to jump immediately back out when Grant told her that Papa and Ba (Grandma and Grandpa Martsolf) were here. Unfortunately, she ran off too fast for Grant to mention that they were asleep upstairs in the guest room and when a few minutes had gone by without the usual squealing and laughing that accompanies Pursy hanging out with her grandparents, Grant went to investigate and found her wandering around the dark still-dawn downstairs calling "Papa....Ba.. where are you??".  Sad, but cute.

I cannot get enough of putting cute hats on my babes.
This one might have been tied a little tight.
After coffee and breakfast, we pulled all the Christmas boxes from the basement and transformed our house into a gorgeous, white light, green garland and red bow this-is-where-the-white-people-on-the-block-live festive masterpiece. Grant's Dad truly taught him everything he knows about external illumination.

 Around noon, I took Pursy to her gymnastics class at the Sarah Heinz Boys and Girls Club, and I'm not sure what everyone else did while we were gone, but I came home to Chinese take-out on the counter and three very tired but satisfied Christmas decorators. Our house looks beautiful.
Has anyone seen Pursy??
I love this girl!
 A few hours later, said beautiful house is filled with friends making advent wreaths, eating potato soup and drinking locally made gin from Wigle Whiskey Co. Two hours of that festivity, the parade of fabulous people walked down to Eastminster Presbyterian Church for a live nativity, complete with barn animals and a camel. It was magical to watch Pursy take in the scene- shepherds, Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus... she doesn't grasp it yet, but she is collecting the pieces.

Bad picture of me, but super cute of Ritina, our next door neighbor.

Ba unknowingly harboring a cake eating fugitive

Advent literally means "coming". The Season of Advent is when Christians begin to anticipate the celebration of the nativity of Christ as a little babe- the day we remember His birth- Christmas Day. The Advent Season is celebrated with songs and candles and liturgy and general hoopla by Christians around the world. Because Christ has come. The reason for our hope was born.

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  1. What do you have hanging in the picture behind you and Ritina? It looks crafty and pretty!
    ~ Gina