Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Such Thing As Too Many Sprinkles

Last weekend some of my friends- big and little- gathered in my kitchen to make Christmas cookies. This is the sort of thing my Mom did with us when we were growing up, and I have been waiting for Pursy to be old enough to start the tradition with her.

We made sugar cookies and molasses cookies and there were sprinkles and frosting everywhere. It was fantastic to watch the little girl's personalities come out- some definitely thought more was more and their creations were messy and gorgeously overboard. Then there were the delicate fingers carefully placing each sprinkle or dot of icing precisely in the right spot. Allison brought a bottle of sparkling wine and it was a perfect morning.

I looked around the table at one point and thought that if these girls are going to be in Pittsburgh as long as we are... will these be the friends I call at midnight when Pursy hasn't come home yet and she was supposed to be out with Hazel, and Erin have you seen the girls?? Or will Allison, Alicia and I have coffee at Tazza the morning Esther, Maddie and Pursy are at their first day of Preschool? I'm sure I will find Knox and Pursy at some point on Britney's front porch talking about equality and human rights. And sweet Emily will be my muse for making more things then I buy.

I can't believe I found so many good ones already.

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