Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Today is Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ. Today we celebrated the gift He was by giving presents to those we love, and spending time with the precious people in our lives.

It is also the birthday of Jonathan Frank Block, who is one of Grant and I's dearest friends. I wanted to take a moment to introduce him to those of you who take the time to read my words every once in a while.

We met JFB during our 2 year season in Washington DC. Jonathan attended Grace DC church with us and was part of our community group that met on Monday nights at the home of Carrie and Eric Rassbach. Jonathan was involved in politics and very well connected in the DC circles. At one point he was the assistant press secretary to Laura Bush.. so he is kind of a big deal.

Jonathan and I became friends one Monday night during community group when I (as I have the habit of doing more frequently then I ought) said f*** during a passionate rant on my opinion of Christians who picket abortion clinics. Grant was not crazy about my habit of swearing in public and I knew we were probably going to have a discussion after everyone left about whether saying f*** in a group of Christian friends was less than classy. Jonathan kept lingering and finally after the last person left, he turned to us and said "Christy, I wanted to thank you for saying f*** tonight during community group. My experience with Christians is that they tend to hide who they really are, and I felt really ministered to by the fact that you just say what you think. Thank you for being real."

We have been good friends since that night. We have kept up via social media and email, but have also traveled long distances to be together- we spent a weekend in Philadelphia with other friends of ours from the same community, and last year met up in New Orleans to introduce he and his wife Liz to our favorite city in the world. Just a word about Liz (aka Mrs Block)... she married into a very tight group of friends and in a very short amount of time made us all wonder where she had been all our lives. She and Jonathan together are a force to be reckoned with, and if I could have hand picked his girl myself, I could not have done any better then Liz. I might just love her more than Jonathan, at this point...

Jonathan and Liz live in St Louis now and are traveling the world, working super cool jobs and living beautifully honest and interesting lives. If I could have everything my way, they would live at the very furthest across the street from us, and my children would spend as much time as possible around them. Happy Birthday, dear friend. We love you.

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