Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Purslane and Knox

My Babies-
 I have no expectations that the two of you are going to always love each other's company as much as you do right now. Even now when you two laugh through much of your days running around after one another, playing dominoes together, looking at each other across the breakfast table, sharing bowls of cheerios and cups of juicewater, and waking each other up from naps, you don't always tolerate each other. Knox, I know Pursy can be a jerk- like when she walks by you and pushes your proud, toddling little body over for absolutely no reason. And Pursy, it is a horrible injustice when Knox destroys your carefully set up tea party- and then laughs.

Your Dad and I decided to have you so close together because we wanted you to be friends. Your Uncle Daniel is still one of my closest friends and we haven't lived in the same country for almost 10 years. There is something about the relationship between a brother and sister that keeps you close, regardless of how often you talk or even sit in the same room together. And even though we will never say this to your faces, the only time you are ever allowed to retaliate is when your sibling is being hurt by another kid. Then you better punch fast and hard. We will sit next to you in the principals office and agree with the punishment of a week long suspension, then put our arm proudly around you while we walk out the school door. You must look out for each other always. The bond between brother and sister is unique, powerful and forever.

Pursy, that is why Mama gets so angry when you do something to hurt Knox. And Knox, this is why we let Pursy play with your new toys on your birthday. Because we want you to love and care for each other- sacrificially and completely. You are going to be very different people, if the parts of your personalities that we are watching develop in the first few years of your lives are any indication... but you are the two greatest things your Dad and I have ever made. We are so proud to be your parents.

We are going to make mistakes while we raise you. Pursy, you and Daddy are probably going to fight quite a bit. I never knew anyone could be as intense and stubborn as he is, until I met you. And Knox, you might have to speak up every once in a while and remind us that just because you are not as much in our faces as your sister, you still need as much attention. Just know that we love you both like crazy and are going to do our best to prepare you for the world.

And our most important prayer for you both is that your friends will know what it feels like to be loved by Jesus because they were loved by you. Love the people around you well, my sweet babes.

To the moon and back, your Mama

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