Friday, November 9, 2012

Behind Every Strong Man...

President Obama for four more years. I was happy- my guy won. And as I turned off my Facebook feed because it was killing my buzz, I thought about all the reasons why I voted for him. I had made this list in my head weeks ago but just wanted to make sure I had made the right decision.

One reason why I voted for Obama is Michelle. Michelle Obama doesn't present herself as perfect or together- just an educated and joyful woman who loves her children and her husband. She also doesn't strike me as the kind of woman who would let Barack get away with much if he was going off course.

Watching YouTube videos of election night, I found another reason I am glad I voted for Obama.This video made me think that President Obama truly believes in his heart that women are important- more then just their reproductive rights. When an 11 year old girl can pull on her Dad's sleeve and give him advice that he listens to- whether he is the President or not- that girl just learned that her voice is important and she is valuable.

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