Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perfume Genius

Grant is the Master of Ceremonies in our home. He is the one who crafts the soundtrack for Tuesday night family dinner, makes my weekly Spotify playlists, makes us aware of new artists and albums, finds babysitting when Tallest Man on Earth plays at the New Hazlett Theatre, and in general makes sure we are not the family who falls down the rabbit hole of bad music.

Last week we were reading the Paste ABC's of Indie music to Pursy before bed and without being prompted, she (very casually) mentioned that Bruce was also known as "the Boss". She is so ready for Preschool... who needs to know their letters and numbers when you know Bruce Springsteen's nickname??? Fortunately for her college applications, she also knows her letters and numbers but whatever..

It has been a little while since I wrote a blog post. Our computer gave up the ghost and it took us a little while to decide that we aren't the family who would fully appreciate the new Intel Windows 8 computer/tablet with 34786GMT's of memory and a USB that makes French toast. So much to the dismay of the commission funded employee at Staples, we chose an HP that is a step up from a typewriter. As we were literally pulling out our debit card to pay for it, he said "You know that watching HD videos on YouTube is going to be impossible with this computer". When Grant paused to come up with the perfect smart alek response, he took the silence to mean that maybe he had found the problem. We just didn't know what we really needed. "YouTube is a website where you can watch videos uploaded from TV and individuals and with this computer the HD function will keep any videos longer then 3 minutes buffering constantly!"

As we were walking out of the store, Grant looked at me and said, "Do I look like I don't know what YouTube is??"

If I were not a halfway decent wife, I would have taken advantage of his vulnerability. But I put my arm around him and assured him that his knowledge of YouTube is one of my favorite qualities.

I intended to write a book review of the two books I have been reading this month- Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman and Vagina by Naomi Wolfe. For a woman who has been reading magazine articles and street signs for the past 2 years, I impressed myself by not only checking out two books from the library but also reading them. And with the help of a fabulous babysitter and an even more wonderful husband, I have been getting away for hours at a time to sit in a quiet corner of a cafĂ© to read.

My next post will be my thoughts on these books and seeking recommendations for my next literary foray. Today I feel whimsical and a little annoyed- Pursy decided not to nap and wants me to watch Brave with her. I put my foot down about the nap boycott for 2 hours and have grown weary of listening to her rearrange her furniture in her bedroom upstairs. Plus, she wandered into our bedroom this morning with a green river coming out of her nose, climbed into bed with us and said "(sigh) I am having a rough time today". We all have those days, my sweet sick little girl.

Here is my latest favorite picture of Knox. Waking up on Mama's chest.

And Purslane Claire... bein' Purslane

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