Saturday, October 6, 2012

When Life Hands You Avocados...

Little Man and I rarely get time alone together. Purslane is extremely two and a half, and can be a tornado rampaging from one corner of the earth to the other. A lot of times Knox is just along for the ride. And he seems to get a big kick out of her, but there are some moments when I think about all the books I read to Pursy and all the outings we did together and all the TIME spent getting to know her- all the one on one time that Knox just doesn't get as the second child.
I love this picture- Pursy is so annoyed at whatever Knox is taking out of her hand and Knox is cracking up.

I need to keep in mind that Knox is always on hand experiencing and being exposed to everything that Pursy is- it's not like I sit him in front of old episodes of Mr Rogers Neighborhood and hope that he develops his own ideas about humankind and the world by osmosis. I can release my guilt and accept that Knox is going to grow up and be a very functional contributing member of society- possibly able to accept things as they come and live much more laid back and with less angst then Pursy will. Pursy already has a plan for making the universe fall in line behind her like a baby duck.

But today, Knox took a morning nap and was very awake when I put Purslane down at 2 in the afternoon. So we played- just the two of us. And I was blown away with everything that he has learned while I was doing other things. He is responding and initiating in fantastic ways. And he LOVES making people laugh. If something he did got a smile out of me, he did it repeatedly and with more and more gusto.

Here is our afternoon play date:

Having a chat.

He loves to give these open mouth kisses...

I found an avocado! Let's make guacamole Mama...

It keeps rolling away from me!!

I got you now, crafty avocado..

I love guacamole!!!

That doesn't taste right....

Definitely not right!!!

I shall try one more time

I don't think I like avocados anymore....

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