Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Loving the World... One Homeless Guy at a Time

We were walking to the library the other day and I was wearing Knox while Pursy rode in the single stroller. I used to love my double stroller until I started walking it around Pittsburgh and realized that the 19 pound lightweight contraption that I thought would be so useful for "city walking" was no match for the unmaintained sidewalks of East Liberty.

Regardless, I convinced Pursy that riding in the stroller was awesome and for just this one day, she bought it. We crossed Highland Ave without incident and were rounding the corner behind Eastminster Presbyterian Church when we passed a homeless gentleman sitting in an doorway outside the old YMCA. Right as we walked in front of him, Pursy leaned over the side of the stroller and said:

"Hi! What's your favorite color?!"

He was so surprised he just looked at her for a minute and then he started laughing and said "Well, baby, I guess it's blue." (I can hear my friend Kate in my head imitating her students in New Orleans public school right now)

I smiled at him and we continued on down the street. As we walked away, Pursy squirreled herself around in the stroller and said "Mama! His favorite color is blue!"

I love that girl.

The Awkward Toddler Smile... love it

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