Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Current Favorites

I started a regular post a few months ago titled my Favorite Things and tried to make it a weekly regular... but not REALLY surprisingly, I couldn't manage to even make a regular habit out of jotting down some happy tidbits. But that is okay- I tend to be an "approach each day with an open hand" kind of girl (that is actually a style of mothering- I learned that in a Parenting magazine- different from the "organized get 'er done" Mama or the "live and let live" Mama). In other words, I didn't carve out a 20 minute segment once a week to make sure the blog post got written, thus it faded away. Much like my interest in making homemade yogurt or re-reading the classics.

But this morning is grey and rainy post-Sandy weather, I made pumpkin waffles with yogurt and blackberry parfaits, and am wearing a pair of scrub pants, my Communist Party sweatshirt and my hair is in pigtails. The babes are tucked under a blanket watching the Pooh movie and I am in the mood to write about some happy stuff.

No Pants, No Problem
Are you ready for the parade??

1. Cooking. On Thursday nights I sit at the kitchen table with a gin and tonic and current issues of Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, Whole Living and my phone with A Cozy Kitchen blog pulled up. We have been eating some really fantastic, seasonal meals and enjoying watching Pursy and Knox explore new foods. For example, tonight we are eating cajun chicken, cheese grits and avocado/brussel sprout salad. The only foodstuff Pursy consistently picks off is fresh herbs... not sure why and we are trying to ignore it and let her explore her food but when it takes 15 minutes for her to pick the rosemary off of rosemary-crusted pork tenderloin, we get a little annoyed.

2. Smartwool socks. Need I say more??

3. Mad Elf. This probably should have been number one on this list to give a little validation to the number of bars, bottle shops and 6 pack shops I called to find out if they got the early release of my favorite beer in stock. It usually comes out Oct 31st and by perusing the Troegs website, I discovered this year they were doing an early release on the 15th. I think I pulled Grant away from a meeting to hooray this information into the phone. I finally found it in a new 6 pack shop in Squirrel Hill. I walked in, asked the very nice Indian gentleman if they got the beer in, he said no and I walked dejected toward the door. As I was walking out, he called after me "We do have a Mad Elf tall boy in cooler 15 in the corner, but that's it". WHHAATTT?? I literally ran over and saw the blitzed elf staring at me from his red label. The holidays have officially begun.

4. Falling leaves. Our yard has no trees in it yet, but our neighbors all around us have huge oak and maple trees that are covering our yard with huge, gorgeous yellow leaves. Pursy has been making pile after pile and jumping it- coming up laughing hard and covered in dirt and leaves. I love it. She looks like such a kid.

5. Halloween. Love it. love it. love it. We never celebrated it growing up, except to pass out candy at the door, and now I LOVE planning costumes for my babes. Pursy is going to be Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba (whew- one more year I am saved from fishnets and bustiers..) and Knox is going to be a train conductor. We are hosting an All Saints Dinner at our house tomorrow night and let's just say it won't be just the babes in costume. I give Grant a free pass not to dress up because he has a PhD but I almost got him to wear this with me:

6. Knox's kisses. We are talking full open mouth-tongue out KISS. This boy is serious about affection and my favorite is the dive bomb kiss where I am holding him on my hip and all of a sudden I have a little boy face suction cupped to my cheek. He thinks it is soooo funny...

Here is some more random goodness:

Knox loves a lady in a scarf...

Building you a pyramid..

Professor Martsolf, can we have a private meeting in your office?....

My afternoon delight.

Independent Play.

I thought this was pretty clever and a little abstract... artist or politician?

Lovin' me some pigtails...

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