Friday, October 12, 2012

A Love Pile of Pictures

Grant spent two days in DC this week and while we missed him tremendously, the babes and I filled up our hours with friends. Tiffany and her two babes Annie and Oliver came for an overnight visit, and two girlfriends from nursing school came for a dinner party. Most of our pictures involve eating of one kind of another...I feel like between introducing a small babe to solid foods, encouraging a toddler to experiment with all kinds of food, and myself as a nursing Mama who not only wants to eat all the time but also is using cooking as my creative outlet, food is the fabric of our lives at present.

I realized again this week what a marvelous collection of people we have in our life. Most of these people knew me before I was a Mama and before they were parents as well. It is a beautiful gift to be able to go through seasons with these friends.

Let me introduce you to some of our favorites from this week:

Making ebelskeivers and telling Pursy stories about making them with my Mama and Grandma.
Death of an Ebelskeiver.

Pan on the right is remnants of my attempt at ebelskeivers and pan on the left is the modification that became breakfast. Ebelskeiver pancakes. Sorry, Grandma... will try again another time.

Frustrated Dada and Two year old refusing to eat breakfast.

I love the colors in this picture and the look on Pursy's face.

Pumpkin pancakes, yogurt with raspberries and coffee with caramel creamer. Beautiful fall breakfast with beautiful people.
Love people who love on my kids.

Check out that gorgeous face. Kid can seriously roar- Tiffany called it "dinosaur tourettes".

These two were trouble... cute, cute trouble.

Sweet Annie

If true love happens twice, Grant is first and then Tiffany.

Marinara Beard

There are 8 undergrad and graduate degrees in this picture... plus 5 babes and 3 girls very happy to be together.


  1. ebelskeivers?? You made that word up didn't you?

    1. Nope. It is a Danish breakfast food requiring a special pan and skills I obviously do not possess.