Wednesday, September 5, 2012

End of Summer Shenanigans

I am pretty sure I have reference Creepy Baby in previous blog posts... this is a baby doll given to Pursy by her Ba and cousin Aly, I think, and has never been high on my list of favorite toys. Creepy Baby is an androgynous fat little cherub doll who came to us dressed in a yellow loin cloth diaper and a stuffed duck. Loin cloth and duck are long since lost and now CB just hangs out, as Pursy says- nudity.
One more reason not to like CB... head goes all the way around.

Pursy for whatever reason, really likes Creepy Baby and up until yesterday had a habit of "nursing" the baby, upping it's creep factor seeing it positioned under her pajama shirt mirroring Knox and I on the other couch. However, yesterday CB was introduced to solid foods and we learned- eats whole potatoes.

Last weekend I did the Run For Your Life 5K with my sister, boyfriend (hers, not mine) and one of my dearest friends, Shelley. Shelley and I have known each other since we were 13 years old... next year we will be celebrating 20 years. (Shit, Shelley- we are old!) But despite our advanced age, we ran from zombies, crawled through mud tunnels, electrocuted ourselves and slid down water slides ending in pools of mud water- and did it in style. I did it in style anyway.. check out the $5 pink running shorts Shelley scored for me.

As Grant pointed out while I was slowly coaxing my aching body out of bed the next morning, I was in no shape to have done this obstacle run. I am just recently getting my post partum body back into place and part of my routine thus far has not included most of the things we did on Saturday. But as I was looking at my backside in the mirror, admiring the fist-sized purple and black bruise on my left cheek, I felt nothing but pride. And pain... but mostly pride.
Pre-race coffee
And pre-race Pursy who got me pumped with silly dancing to Peanut Butter Jelly Time on YouTube

We were invited to take a private tour of PNC park by a very sweet recent Penn State grad who just got a job as a tickets sales rep for the Pirates. We were her prime target... a lifetime Pirates fan who was like a little kid when we were in the dugout and his wife who loves seeing that twinkle in his eye. Of course Pursy ran straight onto the field... those security guards appear just like on television. They did not tackle her, maybe because she wasn't streaking, but we did get THE LOOK. We were so chagrined by our daughter's behavior that we HAD to buy a 20 game package for next season, just to make amends.

Hehe....Andrew McCutchen was here last night...

Grumpy Octopus does NOT like the rain
Pursy played outside during her first daytime rainstorm. It was warm and not a lightning bolt in sight, so she played for a good hour. I have great memories of playing outside in the rain when I was little- something about blatantly doing something you usually run from...

And then there was more fun stuff we did...

Knox Man and Mama

Crawling Around

Cutest Doorman Ever

We have teeth!!!

Bowl/Herb/Glass/Carafe Train
Cheap Babysitter so Dada can watch the Pirates

Bilateral Cup Drinkers
"Of course, you can always accessorize"

Pursy taught Knox how to clap

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