Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cutest Nightmare Ever

Grant and I were awoken last night by Pursy screaming in the hallway. Usually when she wakes up in the middle of the night we get a 2.5 year old dive bomb into our bed, after she tosses up whatever stuffed animal or blanket she drug with her down the hall. But last night she was just standing outside her room screaming "Mama! Mama!" in that voice that makes parents run.

I grabbed her and said "Pursy, are you okay?". To which she answered, clinging to me like a spider monkey, "The pineapple get me!!"

Those not familiar with P's insane fear of pineapples, let me explain. There is a Sesame Street clip where Joel McHale defines the word "prickly" using a cactus, pineapple and porcupine. At the end of the clip, all the puppets give Joel a hug making him grimace in pain. Our best guess is that this is where her fear of pineapples came from, because she certainly didn't have any problem with them prior to seeing this clip. The other day we were settled into the couch watching Sesame Street, and the pineapple puppet was part of the story. Pursy jumped out of her skin and crawled over the couch to get away from the TV.

Back to last night. I brought her into our bed and started to calm her down. She wrenched herself out of my arms and sat straight up. "PINEAPPLE IN MY ROOM CHEW POOH BLANKET TOM AND KATHLEEN!!!!" (Tom and Kathleen are her sock monkeys) "GET THEM FOR ME!!!".

At this point, even I started to get nervous about the pineapple. He was a carnivore?

Pursy crawled over Grant and said "Daddy, get them for me, please Daddy get them for me, Daddy please can you get Pooh Blanket Tom and Kathleen before the pineapple get them?". Grant looked at me with that face that said "really?" and I nodded. The animals needed to be rescued. So sweet Daddy went into her room and brought back all her friends.

It was a cozy night in our bed, but at least the pineapple stayed away.

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