Monday, August 6, 2012

Some Men Should Not Be Stay At Home Dads

Me: Pursy, did you have fun with Daddy last night while Mama was at work?
Pursy: NO...... (puts head in hands, shoulders heave with fake crying)
Me: What happened??
Pursy: Daddy throw me in the garbage and close the lid.
Me: Repeat?
Pursy: Daddy throw me in the garbage and close the lid and I cry like this: A-huh, A-huh (her pretend crying noise)

At this point, I look over my shoulder at a very perplexed Grant who was eavesdropping.

Me: What is she talking about?
Grant: I have no idea. I did not throw her in the garbage.
Me: Did she watch something on Gabba or were you watching the news where she heard about something being thrown away??
Grant: No. I literally have no idea where she got that from.

At this point we both look at each other and mentally prepare ourselves for the next 15.7 years of this child's life. It is going to be a doozy. We also might have to be very careful about who we ask to babysit... I really don't want a new friend or a college student we just met to report us to CYS.

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  1. LOL!!!....sorry, probably shouldn't laugh but I can see her working you two at a later age making up stories to see who will believe her. See what I have to look forward to!?!?!