Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I wish I could believe you..

Last night I went to the gym around 9pm. Knox is still struggling in the nursery and it is better for me to not go at all than be pulled away 20 minutes into a good sweat. So I go at night. I hated leaving Grant and the new Pirates trade Travis Snider in his first game, but my love handles were calling, so off I went.

I like the Cardio Theater at my gym- a dark room with plenty of cardio equipment where no one is looking at each other- which, at an urban gym where the clothing is tight and the cougars are prowling, it is good to be invisible. I walk in and there is only one gentleman running on a treadmill. Although, once the guy started talking, that was incredibly crowded.

He walked over to my eliptical machine and said "Do you work out here often?". I was caught off guard and stuttered "um, yes I suppose so". He continued to stand next to my machine and after a few seconds, said "How long have you been working out?". At this point, I start laughing because I didn't know there were location-specific pick up lines. I said "I'm sorry, do you need something? I am training for a race and want to focus." He was not impressed, and said again "How long have you been working out?". I threw out something dumb like "I don't know, 15 years maybe?". He looked at me appreciatively and said "It shows".

I should probably have gotten huffy about being objectified by a cheeky stranger, but I started laughing. I am working hard, but two babes in two years have left me looking more like I have lived on cheesecake for a year and not like I am a regular at the gym. He gets an A for effort though. And I have to admit I walked out of the gym with a little more confidence. I should give myself a break- no one is as critical of my body as I am. Grant still grabs my ass whenever he walks by and that is almost as good as a creepy stranger in the cardio theater.

Me nerding it up on our Hemingway tour in northern Michigan. 

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