Thursday, July 19, 2012

White Whine

Tonight for dinner I made turkey cheeseburgers with crudite and potato chips. Good old fashioned feel good dinner, yes?

Hijaked by the fact that some jagoff decided to produce and sell sodium-free potato chips. I.E. no salt to be found on these chips. Isn't that the point?? If I wanted a snack that prevented or was acceptable to someone with congestive heart failure, I wouldn't have purchased a bag of potato chips. I obviously was not feeling tidy, and I wanted something salty and satisfying.

They essentially tasted like a fried piece of bland potato. Terrible. And every time Grant and I put on in our mouths- we of course kept eating them because they LOOKED delicious- we griped about the fact that they were salt free. We shook our fists at The Man and blamed everyone but ourselves for not really looking at the bag and noticing the itty bitty print at the bottom of the bag that said "Sodium Free".

White Whine.

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