Friday, July 20, 2012

Pursy Habits

 Even though at 2AM I wish more than anything you were just a little bit older and able to go back to sleep on your own, I am beautifully and painfully aware that you are growing older at a remarkable rate. Before I can turn around you will be hiding under your covers with a book and flashlight trying to read just one more chapter. Than we will be picking out soccer cleats or dance costumes. Or hitting me up for $20 to go see a movie with your girlfriends. I am getting teary just thinking about how gorgeous you are going to look in your wedding dress. Too fast?? Probably. But it does feel like yesterday your Dad and I were in the car on the way to New York still in shock that the pregnancy test told us we were going to be parents.

My favorite things you are doing right now.

When I tell you I love you, you often respond "I love you.. moon and back". I wish I could capture your sweet baby girl voice when you say this line from the book Guess How Much I Love You, but it melts my heart.

Random mornings when you point at the computer and say "I talka Uncle Daniel!" then run around gathering things to fill your high chair tray with before we get ahold of him on Skype. If we happen to catch him before his Japanese bedtime, you sit there and one by one catch him up on your favorite things. Today you showed him your Tigger toothbrush, your purple bracelet, the paper you finger painted a hand print turkey on, and There's a Wocket In My Pocket. I could hear in the background that he had people over at his house, but he sat there for 20 minutes chatting with you. He will be visiting over Christmas and I love that even though you haven't seen him since last year, the two of you will not be strangers.

You have started telling stories. Dada told me the other night that you told him a "Once Upon a Time" story about a red bird named Pursy. He kept asking you questions and you very confidently told the story. Your imagination is active and fantastic.

You run. Everywhere. Sometimes just around the kitchen island because that is your only venue. Your arms and legs are really coordinated for a 27 month old and I see some kind of running sport in your future.

You love to sing along with any song. I love watching you try and mimic Edith Piaf while we listen to her French classics on the record player, and when we are in the car I feel like we have Garth and Kat in the backseat. Dada usually sings Abide With Me to you at bedtime, and I wonder if any other two year old has "eventide" and "thyself" in their vocabulary. Your absolute favorite song right now is "I'm a little teapot"and we made up some motions. It's ridiculously cute.

Dada taught you how to "Cheers" and you like to clink everything together. Our friend Chris also taught you how to "blow it up" but so far you will only fist bump and blow it up with yourself. I have to admit, I am a little jealous.

Stickers, Markers, and Crayons. We bought you a clipboard and you like to keep all your masterpieces in order on it. On our roadtrip to Michigan, you flipped through the Sesame Street coloring book pages clipped to your board as if you were reading a legal brief.

You are fantastic and colorful and happy. You are my best girl and I love you like crazy.

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