Thursday, July 19, 2012

Northern Michigan

Post-vacation.... the laundry is caught up, the babes are starting to return to normal sleep patterns (which for our two is not stellar, but decent enough), and our calendar has only a few things written on it for the next two months. Beautiful. Here is the photo proof that we had a lovely time in Bay View, Michigan. Make yourself a mint julep, put on your favorite pair of seersucker capris and floppy sunhat, find your high school copy of The Sun Also Rises and get yourself in a lake vacation state of mind.

Side note: If I posted all the pictures I took of Pursy in some body of water, it would look like an advertisement for happy children and whatever company made her bathing suit. My little girl is a water bug.

The Lady Has Brunch

Papa, you will let me have a mimosa, won't you darling?

The Cousins

Yeah,she loves water.

So does Knox Man.

The boys hangin' poolside,cruisin' for chicks...

My Best Girl

Pursy and Dada

You didn't bring the bearskin rug?? I brought my best rolls...

Where's Pursy?

I was self conscious about wearing a bathing suit 8 months post partum. Looking around the beach, I realized that self consciousness had no place there... There are some confident women in Michigan.

All American lunch being hand-fed by Grandma (Ba)

Morning Snuggles

Probably dreaming about being back in the lake

So happy right when he wakes up

Knox roughing it at our cookout

Knox was not a fan of his life jacket... can't say I blame him.

I'm on a Boat.

Pursy jumped off the back of the boat to Aunt LeeAnn

I'm still on a boat.

She let Dada take her out into the lake.. brave girl.

After all that, Pursy needed a stiff drink.

On the ferry to Mackinac Island

"C'mon,,, give me some cheese crackers!"

Coolest Dad biking with a trailer full of babes

 I didn't know anyone ate that disgusting looking ice cream but after Grant and LeeAnn ordered it at every ice cream place, Pursy drank the Kool-Aid.

Walloon Lake, the spot where Ernest and Hadley pushed off in their boat for the honeymoon.

City Park Grill- where Hemingway used to drink shoot billiards.

Guess who's standing??

Still in love after all these years.

 Cheers to us. We're fantastic.

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